04/04 56114 worked an earlier than usual train of Cawoods coal containers to Cardiff Tidal sidings, arriving in Cardiff at 08.25. 

08/04 60049 worked the Cawoods around normal time departure (10.40) passing Brentry at 11.00. Later during the afternoon, 67018 arrived around 15.20 with four repaired HTA coal wagons as 6B82 14.13 ex. Newport ADJ. After shunting the wagons in the Bulk Handling terminal the loco departed for Barton Hill depot light at 15.52. Correcting last months report, Class 67 locos have knuckle type couplings, not buck-eye as stated and thus are suitable to haul this type of wagon. 

15/04 67018 again worked the HTA cripple trip, passing Hallen Marsh junction late at 12.00 with 6G80 (the booked 10.12 departure) formed of three wagons for repair. The loco returned repaired wagons during the afternoon. 25/04 60020 arrived with empty MEAs for loading at Bennett's during the late morning. 29/04 67023 arrived at 10.22 light-engine for the HTA cripple trip, returning three wagons for repair passed Brentry at 11.07. 

30/04 Wessex trains held an 'occupation' of the Severn Beach line during the day from Hallen Marsh junction-Severn Beach for driver training, unit 150240 making numerous back and forth runs between these two points. This section of the branchline does not see any passenger service trains from mid-morning to late afternoon, in that time all trains terminate and restart at Avonmouth station. 

Locos recorded on the 6M33 10.35 Avonmouth-Wembley enterprise freight service during the month;- 09/04 66130. 14/04 37670. 15/04 66001. 16/04 66001. 29/04 66195.

Locos recorded on coal duty during the month;- 60020. 66008/012/014/024/066/089/109/142/173/186/190/197/199/202/206/220 66226/239. 08685 has remained the local area pilot.

Bristol Parkway

02/04 20307 + 37259 passed at 07.20 with a two wagon 6V74 03.36 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flasks. This was the first instance that a Class 37/0 had worked this train since 37065 on 02/02/99 during the final month of EWS operation. 

03/04 66220 passed at 12.50 with the 6M33 10.35 Avonmouth-Wembley enterprise freight service and 20307 + 37259 were again paired on the 6V74 Bridgwater flasks. Over at Westerleigh, 60004 was on fuel tanker duty and later 47737 arrived in the Railnet depot on the 1V34 20.30 Willesden-Swansea mails. 

05/04 66152 covered the Tytherington stone trip from Westbury. 

07/04 60073 was at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty, whilst 66170 worked the 6V70 10.00 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight service. 66152 again powered the Westbury stone trip (leaving here at 15.09) and passing Bath at 15.30. 

08/04 60036 was at Westerleigh on fuel tank duty again appearing three days later. 

11/04 66127 worked the 6V70. 

14/04 66008 was in charge of the Tytherington quarry stone trip from Westbury. 15/04 The 6B33 Theale-Robeston fuel tankers were in the hands of 60063. 

22/04 Two trains were recorded at Westerleigh during the morning at the same time;- 66027 with a 6Z50 Newport-Westerleigh engineers spoil working (arriving at 10.30) and 60 042 on fuel tanks. Later 47792 + 47736 top 'tailed a 1Z14 10.00 Derby-Swindon-Swansea, return Serco test-train north at 16.33 passed Parkway. 

23/04 66130 with the 6M33 passed at 13.15, whilst 66187 was two hours late on the 6V70, passing in the very late afternoon. 60070 arrived at Westerleigh on fuel tanks at 11.49. 

24/04 60075 took Yeoman branded stone hoppers to Tytherington at 16.05, returning loaded to Westbury at 18.45. 

25/04 47736 passed on a south-bound Serco test-train single handed at 09.46.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/04 Departmental Class 150 test-unit DB999600+DB999601 worked 2Z08 08.40 Exeter (Riverside)-Penzance and 2Z10 12.30 Penzance-Bristol TM. 

02/04 66001 powered the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks and 66179 worked a 11 wagon 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight. 

03/04 56018 ran 0G77 06.10 Newport-Exeter (Riverside) light-engine to collect 6G77 11.18 Exeter-Margam formed of 37 stored HAA coal hoppers. 66 241 was booked on the overnight 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow slurry tanks. 

04/04 31602+31468 performed the regular Wessex Trains FO 1O98 12.00 Cardiff Central-Brighton and associated workings whilst 47787 was on the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Bristol RMT, then working the 1M06 onwards from here to London. 47760 was on Barton Hill depot as 'thunderbird' standby loco and Fragonset 33021 was a surprise visitor on driver training duties as 0Y74 12.50 Salisbury-Temple Meads and 0Y75 return. 66125 worked the 6V70 freight. 

05/04 Saturday freight trains today were;- 66 014 on the Westbury-Machen stone trip (via Day's curve), 66031 with the 6M68 08.33 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks and 66170 on the 6M72 12.19 Burngullow-Bescot china clay. 

06/04 Wessex Trains laid on an extra nine trains for football fans attending the LDV van trophy final at the Millennium stadium between Bristol City and Carlisle. Fragonset 31s, 31468+31602 worked 1Z32 09.10 Westbury-Cardiff, 5Z32 11.02 Cardiff-Temple Meads ECS, 1F12 12.10 Temple Meads-Cardiff, 1Z60 17.45 Cardiff-Temple Meads and 5Z60 Temple Meads-Westbury ECS. The train was formed of all five 'Fragonset hire' coaches 5958, 6166, 9505, 5925, 5981. First/GW also ran two extra trains the 16.33 and 18.10 Cardiff-Bristol TM formed with an HST set (power cars 43016 and 43170) which ran ECS for both workings to Cardiff. Wessex Trains also ran a 'strengthened' 09.55 Westbury-Cardiff formed 153355+ 153302+150244+150240+150266. A return 2Z61 16.05 Cardiff-Exeter was recorded formed; 150233+150230+150234+158868. Engineering work at Uphill junction saw 66210 (6W45) and 66173 (6W44) on workings from Westbury. Although 're-doubling' of the Weston-super-Mare loop-line has been put on hold due to SRA funding, a new distant signal has been installed between the Station and Uphill junction. Other PW trains recorded passing Worle during the morning were;- 60064+66132 in top n'tail formation on an up ballast, 66120 with a 6W45 Westbury-Totnes autoballaster and 66157 on a Tavistock-Westbury empty ballast. 66206+66173+66167 ran light during the afternoon as 0Z61 Westbury-Barton Hill. 

07/04 Possibly the 'working of the month' was 0Z47 09.00 Derby-Ludgershall formed 47701 with Railtrack livierd 73212+73213! The train passed Filton Abbey Wood at 12.30 and ran via Day's curve. 66217 later worked the 6V62 Fawley-St.Phillips Marsh fuel tanks and 66203 was on the Parc Slip-Westbury cement works coal. Some early evening late westbound workings were recorded including the 1V70 13.52 Glasgow-Plymouth that had been diverted via Worcester due to a fatality involving a car and 67030 with the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails at Dunhamstead level crossing (in the Gloucester signalling panel area). The mail train was reported to be travelling at 80mph before the impact. Some more minor delays were encountered late into the evening following a trackside fire at Flax Bourton, which was believed to have been started by an arsonist and damaged an old caravan a mini-digger and an old station building, fire crews in attendance were from Nailsea and Bedminster. 

08/04 47782 was on the 1V33 15.58 London-Plymouth mails. Fragonset 31468+31 459 were seen heading north for Derby during the afternoon following a loco swap at Westbury. A serious incident near Bristol West junction occured at 21.50 when a 200,000 Carillion road/rail excavator was seriously damaged in an arson attack. Firefighters from Temple Back and Brislington attended the blaze, which took about 20 minutes to get under control. A second machine parked nearby received minor damage. The machines are believed to be Hughes 641 and 679, which had been active in this area on 23rd March. A 500 reward has been offered by the contractors for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible. 09/04 47787 hauled 1Z82 08:40 Victoria-Bath. 47813 headed the 1A99 Penzance-Paddington and 47815 worked the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance First/GW sleeper services whilst 47 736 was present on Barton Hill depot as 'standby loco'. 47787 worked the 1Z82 08.40 Victoria-Bath, then 5Z82 13.52 Bath-Bristol West junction having taken over from steam loco 60009 Union of South Africa at Westbury. The loco returned the 5Z83 15.50 Bristol West junction-Bath ECS for 1Z83 16.17 Bath-Victoria, steam traction again taking over for the run to London. During the morning 31602+31452 ran 0Z31 08.15 Westbury-Cardiff Canton light-engines for unspecified maintenance. On the freight side;- 60060 headed the 6G67 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Tavistock yard empty scrap SSA wagons, 20308+20311 on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks, 66241 at the head of the Westbury cement coal (via Day's curve), 66239 with and the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine slurry tanks and 66 170 on the 6V70. 47782 was later rare power for the 1C01 19.35 Penzance-Parkway RMT TPO. 

10/04 20308+20311 departed Bridgwater at 11.48 on the flasks for Crewe, 47786 was on the 5C43 (and return 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails) 10.32 Barton Hill-Plymouth empty RES vans and 47782 had earlier headed the 1C02 00.55 Parkway RMT-Penzance TPO. 47811 (1C99) and 47 832 (1A99) were the First/GW sleeper locos and 66170 worked the 6M72 16.52 (TThO) Burngullow-Cliffe Vale china clays. Loadhaul liveried 60059 ran 0F76 10.50 Newport Godfrey road-Exeter (Riverside) light and return 0A59 later on, believed to be for temporary 'thunderbird' duty as the booked Class 47 here had been required for an engineers train to Plymouth. 

11/04 47811 with the 1A99 Penzance-Paddington First/GW sleeper service failed between Bristol and Bath, being reported on the move at 04.56 with the assistance of 66 152 which had run light-engine from Westbury. The late running train was eventually terminated at Reading where passengers were transferred to a Fishguard-Paddington HST. 31 602+31452 were on the FO 1O98 12.00 Cardiff-Brighton and the associated Wessex Trains workings. 66 214 was on the morning 6T34 Westbury-Stoke Gifford departmental trip, 66 127 on the 6V70, 66 031 with the 6V41 Irvine-Burngullow Slurries and 60 060 on the return 6G67 loaded scrap train from Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal sidings. 66 104 was the Bridgwater trip loco. 47736 powered a the 5C36 Cardiff-Barton Hill RES van train and 43121 + 43158 formed a down evening back to back HST power car move. 

12/04 47832 (1A99) and 47 815 (1C99) were the allocated First/GW sleeper locos and 66 239 headed the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks. 

13/04 66173 hauled a 6W45 11.31 Westbury-Totnes. 

14/04 47815 (1A99) and 47 832 (1C99) were the sleeper locos and 47760 and 47736 were both present on Barton Hill depot. 47750 worked the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails, 60003 was on the 7B66 Westbury-Newport engineers and 66 007 was on the 6C22 Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh tanks. 60088 was the 6V70 freight loco. Problems between Didcot and Reading saw reduced line capacity and diversions via the Limpley Stoke valley to Westbury and the Berks & Hants route. 180101 and 180105 were among the diverted trains recorded during the day. 

15/04 47832 (1A99) and 47815 (1C99) were the sleeper locos, 47787 powered the 1E43 14.55 Plymouth-Low Fell mails and 47760 was on the 1V33 15.58 London-Plymouth mails passing at 19.11. 60032 headed the two wagon 6C91 Newport ADJ-Bridgwater trip freight, departing on the return at 13.05. 47787 appeared on 5E43 09:19 Barton Hill-Plymouth and 1E43 14:55 Plymouth-Low Fell. 47760 worked 1V33 15:58 Willesden-Plymouth. 

16/04 47784+47772 were unusually paired on the 1E41 17.23 Plymouth-Low Fell mails following problems with the second loco at Newton Abbot. 47 815 worked the 1A99 sleeper, whilst 47 787 headed the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Bristol RMT mails, the loco later being recorded passing Pilning at 17.02 heading towards South Wales hauling 67 011. Freight trains recorded today were; 66 006 on the 7B66 11.15 Westbury-Newport engineers, 66037 with the 6S55 slurry tanks, 60091 on the 6G67 08.26 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Tavistock yard scrap empties, 66207 with the 6B79 Westbury-Tower Hanson stone empties, 66 071 on the Westbury cement coal train and 66135 on a late 6V70 passing at 20.35, 154 minutes late! This train was terminated at Exeter due to late running.

17/04 47784+67013 were paired on the 5C43 10.32 Barton Hill-Plymouth empty RES vans and 20315+20306 were on the 6M67 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks. 

19/04 Two railtour workings today were 47 747 on Pathfinder tours 'Orcadian', 05.35 Swindon-Inverness landcruise and 47 787 with the 1Z60 08.00 Manchester Victoria-Bath Northern Belle. Steam loco 60009 Union of South Africa arrived at Barton Hill depot during the late afternoon for railtour duty having worked a 10.30 Victoria-Salisbury VSOE trip, then running onwards with support coach 35465 (Bath 15.45). 

20/04 Remodelling track work took place over the Easter period at Uphill Junction, near Weston-super-Mare which saw the closure of the Bristol-Taunton mainline between Weston and Taunton. Engineering trains recorded during the day were;- 66241 (6W71) and 66154 (6W73) both on ballast workings from Westbury via Bristol and 60090 on a 6W76 16.50 Westbury-Uphill junction via Taunton. The latter was booked to return to Westbury via Bristol at 07.00 the next day. Ready-Power road/rail track machines present were;- FR603/607/610/619/620 along with catapillar 217. Pastime Rail's 'Red Dragon' railtour (1Z44 06.29 Finsbury Park-Carmarthen and return 1Z45 16.05 Carmarthen-Finsbury Park) arrived in Bristol behind 67028. Steam loco 60009 Union of South Africa took over leaving Bristol at 09.56, the coaching stock in use being 35465, S5482, 4949, 4916, 4938, S5037, S1696, S3124, S3123, S3127, S3114, S17023. The train which was routed from Cardiff via Barry was delayed at Port Talbot due to a water hydrant being covered by concrete! Arrival at Carmarthen was late, along with the return working which arrived back in Bristol at 21.13 instead of 20.05. 67012+67005 were paired on the train from Bristol back to Finsbury Park. The 1V70 13.52 Glasgow-Plymouth Virgin XC service was formed of a 10-coach HST set with power cars 43091+43123 and started at Birmingham NS at 18.23 due to problems in the north 

22/04 The engineering works at Uphill junction was also to over-run into the morning which saw some cancellations including a Class 47 top n'tailed down and back Serco test run to Taunton. Trains were running by late morning but passing the junction at walking pace. Work started between Redland and Clifton Down on the Severn Beach line which was closed until 25/04. A number of BCL services road/railers were present numbers 005 and 006 being identified. On the freight side;- 60 075 was on the 6G86 13.00 Machen-Westbury Hanson stone working, 66 079 worked the 6M72 and 66 125 the 6V70. 47 789 was on the 1V33 15.58 London-Plymouth mails and 47 791 worked the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails. What was believed to be the 1C68 17.45 Paddington-Weston-super-Mare (booked HST set) was formed of 180103+180105 returning as 5C68 20.05 Weston-super-Mare-St.Phillips Marsh empty stock. This is thought to be the first appearance of two Class 180s to Weston, the reason was believed to be due to the over running engineering work and stock located in the wrong place for booked workings. Test unit Iris was booked to call at Temple Meads between 22.17 and 22.49. 

23/04 47792 and 47736 top n'tailed the 1Z14 08.00 Swindon-Taunton and 1A31 10.08 Taunton -Paddington Serco test-train. 66127 powered the 6S55 china clay slurries, 20 308+20 312 the 6V74 Bridgwater-Crewe and return (6M67) flasks, but the 6G67 Cardiff Tidal-Tavistock yard scrap service was cancelled. 67003+47733 were paired on the 5C37 13.55 Old Oak Common-Barton Hill van train and 66054+66220 top n'tailing an autoballaster and empty oba wagons train was seen at Clifton Down, for the nearby track work at Redland. Valley Lines liveried 143 625 was unusually employed on the 2W12 10.15 Weston-super-Mare-Bristol TM local service. Later 47789 worked the 1E41 17.23 Plymouth-Low Fell mails and 47791 was again reported on the 1M65. 

24/04 57601, whilst working the 1A99 sleeper service was seen to have lost it's large bodyside numbers and Porterbrook brandings, 47832 being the other (1C99) sleeper loco during the early hours. There were serious morning delays following the failure of the 6V35 01.00 Lackenby-Llanwern steel service north of Cheltenham, these included the 1V05 06.05 Derby-Plymouth voyager which was returned to Worcester for passengers to travel on a road-bus forward. An assisting loco from Saltley eventually arrived to help the steel train. Freight trains not introuble during the day (!) were;- 66175 on the 6C91 Newport Bridgwater trip (the return formed of three wagons passed Yatton at 12.00), 20 307+20 314 on the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks and 66135 with the 6M72 Burngullow-Cliffe Vale freight. There was some evening late running following a signalling failure between Newton Abbot and Teignmouth around 18.00. 

25/04 143611+143613 working the 2W04 06.20 Exeter St.Davids-Bristol Parkway failed at Victory level crossing west of Taunton, at least two West of England to Paddington trains (via Westbury) were diverted via Exeter Central, Honiton and Yeovil. 31602+31452 top n'tailed the regular FO 1O98 12.00 Cardiff Central-Brighton and associated Wessex Trains workings. Two RES Class 47s recorded were;- 47789 on the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London and 47791 with the 1E41 17.23 Plymouth-Low Fell mails. The latter was removed at Parkway for the journey north. The 6V70 was load 20 and headed by 66135. 

26/04 The 1S87 11.13 Plymouth-Edinburgh Virgin XC service was severely delayed following the failure of set 220012 in platform 5 at Exeter St.Davids. Saturday freight workings today were;- 60043 on the Tytherington stone trip, 66222 on the Machen stone working (both ex. Westbury), 66125 on a 10 wagon 6S55 and 66003+66122 on the 6M72. 47791 worked west light as 0F76 15.30 Barton Hill-Exeter, to assist on VSOE duties (See West Country Notes & News). 

27/04 47791 having worked 5Z47 12.00 Exeter (Riverside)-Okehampton VSOE ECS, the train returned via Bristol as 1Z88 14.26 Okehampton-Victoria VSOE The 11 coach formation included 6313 (red & yellow generator van) and 99538. An unusual combination on the 1C17 14.43 Bristol-Paignton service was 143619+158871 (The Class 143 unit was reported to have been removed at Exeter). Earlier a 6W54 Westbury-Castle Cary engineers was top n'tailed via Bristol by 66052+66006. 

28/04 47832 was present on St.Phillips Marsh depot and an unidentified RES example tripped the fuel tanks from Temple Meads to here during the afternoon just before 14.00. 66025 headed the 6V70. 

29/04 First NW 'blue' hire unit 150 223 worked the 1B77 20.54 Exeter St.Davids-Gloucester service (and was assumed to have returned on the 1C07 06.35 Gloucester-Penzance the next day). This unit is expected to return north, off loan, from 17/05. 66135 worked the 6M72 and 47744 + 67024 were paired on the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails, although which loco was leading was unknown! 

30/04 47778 ran Barton Hill to Exeter (Riverside) light to collect 5Z24 10.33, six RES vans for Barton Hill, the train running early. 20308+20312 were on the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks, 66187 on the 6S55 slurry tanks, 66054 on the 6V70, 66033 on the 6G67 08.26 Cardiff Tidal-Tavistock yard formed of 25 empty SSA wagons (Worle 58 minutes late at 11.41) and a late evening Sellafield-Keyham submarine flask reactor train headed by 66164. An HST set, formed with power cars 43088+43156 replaced a Voyager set on the 1E36 14.13 Plymouth-York Virgin XC service. Previously unreported was the First/GW, 20 millionth passenger journey in early March made by Bristol University student Kate Jessop from Bristol to Paddington. She was presented with a First/GW return ticket to anywhere on the network, a night's bed & breakfast for two at a Merriot hotel and a 100 voucher to spend on the hotel's spa or leisure facilities. The 20 million journeys made in the past year is a 40% rise on the 14 million in 1996, the year after privatisation.


04/04 20307+37259 were paired on the Crewe-Berkeley flask working (and again on 08/04). 11/04 20311+20308 worked the Berkeley flasks. 23/04 A listed goods shed to the north of Cheltenham station was destroyed by fire. Arson was suspected.

Portbury Branchline

02/04 Class 150 test-unit DB999600+DB999601 worked a morning out and back trip (2Z08) over the line believed to be testing clearances of newly installed wheel-flange lubricating devices to reduce noise levels in the Ashton and Avon Gorge area. A speed limit of 10mph approaching Pill village has also been implemented again to reduce train noise levels, for residents living alongside the line. 

04/04 66122 worked the 6M04 09.20 Portbury-Rugeley coal service and was later reported failed at Eckington, near Worcester, a rescue loco being despatched from Saltey depot. 

07/04 66047 worked in on the 4V03 03.55 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 

08/04 Between 14.00-23.00, 66052 arrived on 4V17 Bescot-Portbury coal empties, 66201 with 4V26 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties and 66239 departed on 6G22 Portbury-Didcot PS loaded coal. 

09/04 66035 worked a 6Z47 Portbury-Rugeley coal service. 

10/04 66012 was in charge of the 4V26 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 

11/04 66239 arrived on 4D10 Didcot PS-Portbury coal empties during the day. 

12/04 66012 worked the 6M04 coal departure for Rugeley. 

14/04 66202 handled a 4G22, which was thought to be a cripple trip between Portbury and Avonmouth. 

15/04 Between 14.00 and 23.00;- 66 035 arrived with 6Z64 and 66 111 on 4V17 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 

16/04 To create more room in the cripple siding, three defective HTA wagons were removed into the general cargo sidings in the dock area pending removal for repair. 66137 ran 0G13 Portbury-Avonmouth light-engine and 66 230 worked 6Z64 Washwood Heath-Portbury empties. 

17/04 66230 was present on the 6M04. 22/04 The following departed between 06.00 and 14.00;- 66228 on 6M03 and 66228 on 6M04 loaded coal trains for Rugeley and 66066 on 4D10 loaded coal to Dicot PS. 

23/04 66 111 worked 4V26 Washwood Heath-Portbury coal empties. 24/04 Morning sightings included;- 66059 on 6M04 to Rugeley and 66173 inwards on 4D10 empties from Didcot.

Wessex Area

04/04 47758+59101 were a rare combination on the 6C76 14.18 Acton-Merehead stone empties. At Westbury the 47 was removed and later hauled by 37 798 (Frome 19.35) to the East Somerset railway at Cranmore to attend their first diesel gala (see report under Industrial & Preservation). 

05/04 At 11.00 the following were visible at Westbury;- 08506. 31602. 59002/104. 60064. 66057/152/153/154/167/173/206. At 12.11 60071 arrived on the 6C23 Hayes-Westbury HGAs. 

07/04 60064+59001 were paired on the 7V01 Woking-Westbury stone empties. 08/04 47734+47772 top n'tailed the Serco test train from Bournemouth-Salisbury-Exeter-Salisbury. 

09/04 60003+37216+66061 worked a 6Z93 19.30 Eastleigh-Hither Green train. The Serco was still in the area, but 47734 failed, 47758 was recorded assisting. 

10/04 The Serco, being worked by 47 758 and 47 772 ran from Westbury - Weymouth - Westbury - Eastleigh. 60 090+47 734 (dit) were on the 7O41 10.05 Westbury-Eastleigh departmental and 66 711 worked a 6Y19 11.35 Mountfield-Southampton Western dock gypsum train. 

15/04 The 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock yard fuel tanks were worked by 60 003 inplace of the regular Class 66. 

16/04 59201 was present at Westbury during the day. 

17/04 47734 headed a 5X47 Eastleigh-Birkenhead stock move formed of emu set 508110. 

25/04 60085+37 667 were paired on the 6V41 Eastleigh yard-Westbury, the 37 being en-route to Canton for repair. 

26/04 At 12.25 the following were visible at Westbury;- 08506. 31452/602. 37667. 59002/004/104. 60048/075/085. 66002/008/179. 

28/04 A 5Z82 12.50 Norwich-Eastleigh train of Anglian Railways stock was headed by 66 705.. 33 108 worked the 1B69 23.55 Waterloo-Bournemouth (believed formed of emu 2409). 

29/04 31452 departed Westbury at 08.49 with two coaches for Merehead quarry for servicing. 

30/04 47488 worked a 5Z95 05.14 Alton-Victoria ECS prior to use on a steam tour. Correction;- Last months Magazine. 

27/03 56 056 failed at Didcot and did not reach Eastleigh as stated.

West of England

02/04 67007+67017 were paired on the 6C06 11.30 St.Blazey-Tavistock yard CDA china clay wagons. 

04/04 47750 was on Newton Abbot (or Exeter) 'thunderbird' duty (also on 08/04-10/04, 47784 taking over on 14/04 and recorded also on 22/04, 23/04) and 47784 with a Class 67 were paired on the 6C06 china clay CDAs. 60068 worked the 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock yard and return 6O34 fuel tankers. 66179+37886 (failed) were paired on the 6G68 19.57 Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal sidings loaded scrap as far as Exeter, where 37402 which had run 0G68 light from Newport replaced the Class 66 onwards. 

07/04 A 0Z31 14.15 Eastleigh-Meldon quarry move saw 31452 and 31459 top n'tail 73103+73117+73134 for safe storage, the 31s departed Meldon at 19.40 light-engine for Westbury. 

08/04 153380 working the 2C61 Exmouth-Newquay service was in collision with a vehicle on a level crossing at Halloon, near St.Columb road. 

10/04 47784 worked 5M99 18.08 St.Blazey-Plymouth empty TPO stock for 1M99 22.11 Plymouth-London mails. 66068 worked a 6C08 10.05 Tavistock yard-Cattedown train of 23 empty SSA scrap wagons for loading, then running light to St.Blazey. This was believed to be the first non shunting loco along this branch line, but clearance problems will probably mean the last! At the Devonport Dockyard works, HST power car 43043 departed and 43045 arrived for repair. Whilst on 'thunderbird' duty 47750 work a 6Z43 14.25 Exeter-Tavistock yard engineers. 

11/04 66068 with the 6C43 13.19 Burngullow-Exeter freight service called at Heathfield en-route (around 17.00) and 47 784 was on the 1C84 21.45 Reading-Plymouth mails. 159001 was seen at Dawlish Warren during the early evening running as a two-car unit, the other coach having suffered fire damage. 

14/04 150265 in new vinyl colours was named the Falmouth Flyer at Falmouth during the day. A body found on the line near Wellington saw the mainline closed with some diversions via Exeter Central and Honiton to Yeovil and Castle Cary. 66006 worked the 7C27 05.20 Westbury-Exeter stone and return 7C28 11.14 return empties. 

15/04 60003 was on the 7C27 and 7C28 stone train and 60 088 worked the 6C43 Burngullow-Exeter freight with two tank wagons for Heathfield. 

16/04 60083 worked the 7C27 and 7C28 Exeter stone. 47772+47760 were paired on the 6C06 11.30 St.Blazey-Tavistock yard CDA wagons, 47772 later worked the 1E41 17.23 Plymouth-Low Fell and 47760 the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails. 

17/04 60088 was unusually employed on local china clay work including the 6T09 Lostwithiel-Fowey docks. 66207 and 66154 top n'tailed a 7W17 Westbury-Gunnislake ballast, 66207 standing in for 66008 which had a flat battery! 

24/04 43128 arrived for overhaul at Devonport dockyard and 43146 departed by road. The 1Z14 06.45 Paddington-Exeter (Riverside) serco test train was seen passing Castle Cary headed by 47 736 with no loco on the rear. 

25/04 HST power car 43076 arrived at Devonport dockyard for repair by road. 47744 worked west via Westbury on the 1Z82 12.46 Victoria-Plymouth VSOE (ECS to St.Blazey). 

26/04 VSOE dinning trips ran as;- 1Z45 10.45 Plymouth-Exeter, 1Z46 12.55 Exeter-Plymouth, 1Z47 16.45 Plymouth-Exeter, 1Z48 18.25 Exeter-Kingswear and 1Z47 20.00 Kingswear-Exeter. All did not go to plan! 47744 failed with a power loss between Newton Abbot and Dawlish on the 1Z45 and was pushed onwards to Exeter by 47784. This loco then worked the 1Z46 and 1Z47and 47791 having arrived light-engine from Bristol, continued on the 1Z48 and 1Z47. Overnight engineering works at Hemerdon saw 66172+60085 top n'tail 6W40 17.02 ballast ex. Westbury, 66073 on 6W42 19.18 ex.Westbury and 6W45 20.10 ex.Westbury top n'tailed by 60088+60094. 

27/04 47791 worked 5Z47 12.00 Exeter-Okehampton VSOE ECS prior to returning 1Z88 14.25 Okehampton-Victoria via Bristol. At 14.15 the following were visible on St.Blazey depot;- 47306. 66135 66187/199. 67004/012/014/015/021. 150234. 

28/04 60094+60088 returned a Plymouth Tavistock yard-Westbury engineers train passing Taunton at 06.50. 47772 worked the 1C84 21.54 Reading-Plymouth mail train. 

29/04 66006 was again on the 7C27 and 7C28 Exeter stone trains and 66 160 worked the 6C43 calling again at Heathfield.


Cardiff Central

01/04 221127 formed the 15:15 to Newcastle. 

02/04 56006 did 6V31 16:07 IM-Swansea. 

04/04 221140 formed the 09:35 to Edinburgh. 31468/602 pulled/pushed the 12:00 to Brighton. 

08/04 A massive working occurred when 56114 hauled 2F05! 37402 had failed on 2R46 the previous evening and was not repaired in time to work the service. 47782 worked 1V33 15:58 Willesden-Swansea mail train. 

09/04 31602/452 hauled/pushed the 12:00 to Brighton. 

11/04 220009 worked the 08:10 from Dundee. 180105 operated the 15:35 Swansea-Paddington. 

18/04 56117 worked 6Z49 Aberthaw-Lindsey empty oil tanks. 

23/04 60025+56088 worked 6E30 Margam-Hartlepool. 

28/04 170399 operated 1V28 12:37 from Nottingham and 1M76 16:40 to Birmingham.


Locos noted on the 6B48/6E20 Margam-Trostre-Doncaster Belmont. 

01/04 60076. 02/04 60003. 07/04 60067. 08/04 56069. 09/04 66039. 10/04 60088. 11/04 60031. 16/04 60060. 17/04 60014. 23/04 60019. 25/04 60025. 28/04 60084. 30/04 56090.


03/04 56018 worked light engine as 0G77 06:10 Newport-Exeter Riverside, returning as 6G77 11:18 Exeter Riverside-Margam with stored wagons. 

04/04 31468 + 31602 were in charge of the 1O98 12:00 Cardiff - Brighton service. 

05/04 37402/886, 60025/036/037/060, 66039/051/084/104/151 were at Godfrey Rd. 

08/04 66006+56109 worked 6E35 11:45 Llanwern-Lackenby. 

09/04 31452 + 31602 were in charge of the 1O98 12:00 Cardiff - Brighton service. 

21/04 60009 Union of South Africa headed east during the evening returning a Past Time rail tour returning from Carmarthen to Finsbury Park made up of a rake of Mk1s. 

24/04 31452 + 31602 were in charge of the 1O98 12:00 Cardiff - Brighton service.

170398/399/502/507/511/518/519/520/521/522/630 180101/103/104/105/106/107/109/110/111/112 220001/003/004/008/009/013/015/017/023/027/029/034 221102/103/105/106/108/109/110/111/113/114/115/116/118/122/123/124/125/ 127/132/135/136/137/138/140/141/144

Severn Tunnel (Sudbrook)

30/03 A new Volvo R/R lorry was present parked in the former shunting-loco shed at Sudbrook pumping station for emergency use, the registration number being BV52 YKR. LOCO, UNIT & 



01/04 37402 was employed on the 6G87 Newport Docks to Llanwern trips taking imported slab steel to the works. 37419 worked the ADJ to Bridgwater and return working. 37408 worked 2F03 06:59 from Rhymney and 2R38 16:50 return, 37415 was on 2F05 07:19 from Rhymney and 2R46 17:47 return, whilst 37422 did 2F06 07:40 from Rhymney and 2R42 17:11 return. 

02/04 A check of locos in the West Country, Wessex and South Wales areas found the following;- 37402-6G98/6G99 Newport area trip loco, 37886-6G67 08.26 Cardiff Tidal sidings-Tavistock yard 15 SSAs empty scrap wagons, 37408/415/422-Cardiff, Rhymney passenger locos, 37419 6B64 Cardiff docks trip loco, 37503 6A49 Didcot MOD trip loco. 

03/04 37415 operated 2F03, 37422 2F05 & 2R46, 37408 2F06 & 2R42. 37670 was in charge of the Didcot - Wentloog MoD service. 37886 which had failed at St.Blazey with brake compressor problems, was going to be moved in the 6B99 with 66170, to Exeter, but this was cancelled. 

04/04 37669 worked 7Y40 15.50 Eastleigh-Hoo junction, 37670 the 6V03 10.00 Kineton-Didcot and 6A49 Didcot-Bicester MOD stores, 37798 the 7O37 21.10 Eastleigh-Westbury (the loco being destined for the ESR diesel gala) and 37402+37886 departed Exeter at 21.45 on 6G68 19.57 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Cardiff Tidal 16 loaded scrap wagons (Bristol TM 23.37). Also during the day;- 37425 was at Crewe for TPWS fitting and 37408/419/422 were the Rhymney locos. 

05/04 37408 and 37419 worked numerous Saturday services on the Rhymney line. 

07/04 37408 worked 6M75 ADJ-Warrington. 37419 did 2F03, 37422 2F05 and 37408 2F06. 37886 hauled 6O33 17:24 Margam/Canton-Eastleigh fuel tanks. 37886 worked the, 6O33 (MO)Cardiff-Margam-Eastleigh oil empties. 

08/04 37065 was in charge of the 6V25 06.15 Bescot-Oxford Hinksey yard departmental. 37402 failed on 2R46 the previous evening and was not repaired in time to work the service. There were no other 37s available at Canton so 56114 was used on 2F05. The other Rhymneys were more conventional hauled, with 37422 on 2F03 and 37419 on 2F06. 37419 did 2R38, 37422 2R42 and 37425 2R46. 37682/425 hauled 6V71 01:07 Warrington-ADJ. 

09/04 37422 did 2R38, 37425 2R42, 37419 2R46. 37670 worked the 6V38 09.02 Marchwood-Didcot MOD stores and 37065 was again on the 7V25 Bescot-Didcot and return 7M38. 37682 hauled 6M93 05:00 Newport-Beeston scrap metal empties. 

10/04 37422 worked 2R38, 37402 2R42 and 37419 2R46. 37670 was on the 6M19 07.00 Didcot-Kineton and 6V03 10.00 return, 37798 was oos and 37886-ok at Eastleigh, 37698 and 37712 were on weed killing duty, 37065 Didcot-exam, 37402-Cardiff ok, 37408-TPWS Crewe, 37709 Cardiff-oos. 37670 powered a 6Z48 19.06 Didcot-Parkeston quay freight. 

11/04 37417, just released from overhaul at Canton, did 6Z49 13:43 Aberthaw-Lindsey, hauling ten TEAs. 37402 hauled 2R38, 37422 2R42 and 37419 2R46. 37886 worked the 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock junction fuel tanks as far as Westbury for 66199 to take over, the 37 returning light to Eastleigh. 37065 worked 7Y40 15.51 Eastleigh-Hoo junction and 37174+37216 were paired on the 7Y39 09.38 Hoo junction-Eastleigh. 

12/04 Pathfinders 'Wizzard' railtour was an all 37 haulage affair! 37698+37712 from Reading to Preston (via Swindon and Kemble to the north), 37047+37308 (top n'tail with the other two 37s) from Preston-Crewe and 37674+37 689 from Crewe back to Reading. 

14/04 37419 did 2F03 & 2R42, 37402 2F05 & 2R38, 37422 2F06 & 2R46. 37667 worked 6O33. 37503 was in charge of the Didcot - Wentloog MoD service. 37503 handled the 6V03 09.46 Kineton-Didcot MOD and 4A25 Wentloog-Didcot, 37670 was rare power on the 6M33 1038 Avonmouth-Wembley enterprise (having brought in the balancing 6V53 and running to Barton Hill to stable earlier in the morning) and 37667 was on the 4B24 and return 4A25 Didcot-Wentloog MOD stores. 37517 worked 7M82 20:38 ADJ-Basford Hall. 

15/04 37419 hauled 2F03 & 2R42, 37422 2F05 & 2R38, 37402 2F06 & 2R46. 37517 hauled failed 37709 as OA16 Newport-Didcot and then returned with 4B24 15:35 Didcot-Wentloog. 37667 was in charge of the 6O33 (MO) Cardiff-Eastleigh fuel tanks. 

16/04 37419 operated 2F03, 37402 2F05 and 37422 2F06. 37517 did 6B91 09:15 ADJ-Cardiff Docks and 6B64 12:15 return. 37717 was on Llanwern-ADJ trips. 37674 hauled 6B03 09:18 Swansea-ADJ. 37667 ran light from Eastleigh toYeovil to collect a 6Z47 09.30 Yeovil Pen Mill-Eastleigh ballast. 

17/04 37408 worked 6B91 and 6B64. The very active 37667 was again in use on the 6Y30 08.10 Fawley-Holybourne tanks. 

18/04 37402 did 2F03, 37419 2F05 and 37422 2F06. 37798/667 hauled 6V29 20:29 Furzebrook-Avonmouth, followed by 6O10 03:00 Avonmouth-Eastleigh the next day. 

19/04 37402 and 37419 worked Saturday services on the Rhymney line. 

22/04 37402 operated 2F03, 37422 2F05 and 37419 2F06. 

23/04 37109 worked today's 4B24 MOD stores passing Pilning at 15.57. By this date it had been reported this service had been retimed to leave Didcot at 14.05. The loco worked the train again the following day. 37425 did 2F03, 37402 2F05 and 37422 2F06. 24/04 37422 worked 2F03, 37402 2F05 and 37425 2F06. 

24/04 37717 powered the overnight 6V30 Fords Dagenham-Bridgend and return 6L56 car parts trains. 

26/04 37038/197 worked 1Z37 08:37 from Manchester and 1Z38 17:20 to Crewe. 37422 did 1Z89 16:45 to Manchester. 

27/04 37114 and a scruffy 37 410 were seen in the Cheltenham area on a down and up rail train during the morning. 37422 hauled 1V83 13:45 from Crewe. 

28/04 37674 was very rare power for the 4E41 18.48 (MO) Avonmouth-Tyne yard containers leaving at 18.32. 37410 and 37114 were back in action on the 6V38 09.02 Marchwood-Didcot MOD stores train. 

30/04 37422 worked 2R38, 37402 2R42 and 37408 2R46. 37717 worked the 4B24 MOD stores and 37 798 ran 0F84 Cardiff-Newport light-engine.


07/04 47358 worked the 4M55 10.12 Southampton-Birmingham liner.

08/04 47853 was on hire to Freightliner for driver training purposes. 47358 was on the 4O18 05.17 Lawley St.-Southampton and 4S59 15.12 Southampton-Crewe containers. 

10/04 66544 ran 0C60 Barton Hill-Barrow Road light-engine for the refuse container train. 

11/04 47270 worked the 6M16 13.16 Southampton-Crewe Gresty lane automotive train. 47197 worked this train five days later and on 22/04. 

13/04 47355 was 'hired in' for the 4M55 10.12 Southampton-Lawley street and 4O17 15.55 Lawley street-Southampton containers. 

14/04 66513 ran St. Phillips Marsh-Westbury light-engine. 

19/04 47355 + 47358 made a very rare appearance on the Avon area refuse container train (running on a Saturday due to the bank holiday Monday). This was the first Class 47s to work the train since EWS 47575 in July 2000. The train was seen in Bristol around 13.00. 

22/04 66611 worked the 7V36 Southampton-Westbury ballast. The loco was then recorded running 0Y36 Westbury-St.Phillips Marsh light two days later. 26/04 47358 powered the 4O27 05.20 Trafford Park-Southampton liner. 

27/04 57002 returned to traffic following repairs at Merehaed quarry.

4V08 Southampton-Wentloog & 4O51 Wentloog-Southampton 

01/04 66561. 02/04 66504. 04/04 66534. 07/04 66561. 08/04 57005. 09/04 47358. 11/04 57008. 16/04 66505. 24/04 66535. 25/04 57001. 30/04 57007.

4V30 18.43 Ipswich-Wentloog & 4L56 02.30 Wentloog-Ipswich 

07/04 47303.

6V14/6S41 Crewe Gresty Lane-Portbury empties and return Mossend cars. 

02/04 66603. 04/04 66506. 07/04 66513. 09/04 66601. 11/04 66525. 14/04 66514. 30/04 66514.

6V20/6M37 Hope sidings-Moorswater cement. 

02/04 66528. 07/04 66520. 09/04 66610. 14/04 66545. 17/04 66545. 23/04 66514. 28/04 66525. 30/04 66529

Humber-Baglan Bay-Humber 

04/04 66609. 07/04 66602. 11/04 66611. 25/04 66611.

Other sightings 

19/04 47355 + 47358 hauled a train of bin liner stock westbound past East Usk Yard. The company are reported to be looking at two further West Country freight-flows. A new Selby-Westbury cement service is to start during May, possibly using initially, hired in Class 47 locos. Talks have also taken place regarding milk traffic from Chard junction. This follows investigations for this traffic by DRS and EWS, the latter company undertook a trial run to Yeovil Pen Mill some years ago. One of the problems at Chard is the lack of shunt signals- the section between Chard junction and Honiton could only accommodate an inward train around 10.00 and a departure after loading around midnight.




08483(PM)-OO, 08822(OO)-PM, 37601/602/603/604/605/606(OC)-KM*. * Purchased from EPS by DRS.


08662/910. 56025/059/100/100. 58031/037/042/045. 86102. BH: 20168. CE: 86102. EH: 58031/037/042/045. FB: 08662/910. IM: 56025. IP: 47295. LH: 37043. SP: 08666. TE: 56059/100/110.


08625 -MM, 08735 -IM, 08924 -ML, 37108/158 -CS, 47760 -CD.


S&D (Yeovil): 20059.


91002 - 91102, 91026 - 91126. 91029 not yet renumbered.

Diesel Multiple Units


51185/224/428/511 @ZH.


51179/201/426. 53228. (Immingham RFT).

New Stock 

180110 -OO. (Presently at Alstom, Wembley). 221103/106/107/109/110/111/112/114 -CZ (Testing) 221102/104/105/113/115/117 -CZ (Traffic)

Electric Multiple Units


303019/085. (S): 1507/12/81. 9101/03/07.

BD: 508120. BM: 1512. CJ: 1507/81. GW: 303085. SL: 9101/07. West Kirby: 508108. Yoker: 303019. ZG: 9103.

Traffic 303088.

New Stock 

33374481/482/483/484 -NL. (Additional Cars) 375311/312/314/315/317 -BI* (See Notes below). 390009 - MI.

* Part of an order placed by Connex now ceded to South Central, to be retro converted to Class 377, to match the new order placed which is;

377101-165 - 4-car dc operation. 377201-215 - 4-car ac/dc operation. 377301-328 - 3-car dc operation. (Formerly 375311-338)

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Transfers 6312 -SL.


L+NW: 9489. LA: 5791. ZN: 6168. MA: 1200/03. 5796. 5859. 5903/13/65. 6013/35. 6115/24/35/50/54. 9526/37. OY: 1253/56/58. 5916/25/58/81. 6014/50/52/66. 6148/78. 9509/39. WB: 94304/618/327/343/503/505/506/521/523.


5863/69/74. 92908 -CF.


1697. 3381. 5266. 5304/84. 5449/50/62. 5739. 5879.


Cotswold Rail: 10530/533/535/537/540/546/550/560/567/578/602/

Preservation & Industrial Matters

East Somerset Railway, Cranmore (R.W.Giles & F.J.Neate) 05-06/04/03

A visit on the second date to the railways first diesel gala found the following.

Station area In use; 47 758 hauling c/stock 99544 (S35207), 13227, S4416, E4823, E4641. Road bridge near station;- 37798 (this loco had become de-railed on catch points whilst running away light-engine after being parked in the station area). A repair gang were here repairing damaged track prior to the re-railing of the loco. The 37, along with 47758 and 31468 (which had returned to Westbury the previous evening for Bristol City football specials to Cardiff) had shared passenger duties to/from Mendip Vale on the 05/04.

Old bitumen sidings 08032 (giving brakevan rides). 59004/102 (on static disply). Emu stock; (69313)/334. C/stock; IU083686 (34994/99200). 061022 (CCT van). Crane+runner; DW2, ADW150434.

Alongside footpath to loco sheds S1000S, E4562, W4907, M35204, M81156. Crane; Army WD63063.

Loco shed/workshop area 5637. 30075 (stripped for overhaul). 32110 (stripped for overhaul). 1398 Lord Fisher (AB 1398/15). 705 (AB 2047/37). Lady Nan 1719/20. (?, these three locos were viewed inside the loco shed which was out of bounds). 39 (RR10218/65) shunting wagons and giving driver experience courses. C/stock; No1651 Enid. (3738) under overhaul (from Mid Hants ?). 5412. (9241/99450). 10656. 17163. 21034. 25917. S34556. Another MkI from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway was present inside the 'new' carriage shed undergoing a conversion to a disabled persons coach. SR vans; 1396. 1650. 2157. (IU)083394. DB977934 (17121). ADB977010 (S2527S). Fruit D; 92069. Fish Van;- 88058.

Near Cranmore West station (loco shed headshunt) (2) TH/S 136C/64. C/Stock;- 43289. E34665.

Merryfield Lane halt (89-20) (RH 386875/55) stored out of use behind wagons.

Mendip Vale headshunt (43186/53186) assumed, heavily stripped. Also present here were two six-wheeled milk tankers.

Note;-9241. 10656. 25917 were all staff accomodation coaches for sleeping etc to the rear of the loco workshop.

Bristol Harbour Railway (R.W.Giles) 02/04/03 The self-propelled former Avonmouth docks crane Coles (14080) named Pretty Flamingo, has been in use alongside the Cumberland Road, during the month whilst engineers work from a cradle lowered by the crane over the river. Retaining wall strengthening work is continuing, this follows a major storm drain replacement at a nearby location during May last year, which by using the crane ensured the Cumberland Road did not have to face closure whilst the work was undertaken.



Although the Dawlish Donkey trips for this year have been cancelled, proposed Bristol-Kingswear steam hauled trains are under consideration to run on Sundays 03/08, 10/08, 17/08, 24/08, 24/08, 31/08. The hauling loco is expected to be be 76079.

Torquay Station 

Two MkI coaches are reported to be here in the station car-park on sleeper stacks in the down side car park. They are reported to be dinning coaches for eventual use on various preserved lines throughout Britain.

Road Movements 

03/04 HST power car 43087 was seen heading south near Stroud during the early evening. 

07/04 HST power car 43071 was seen on the M5 heading south at 15.30 at junction 30. 

11/04 Webtac Sentinal 040 was seen at a roundabout near Newbury coming from the Didcot direction at 08.50. A second white-liveried Sentinel was also seen later in the day on the M4 motorway. HST power car 43043 was also seen heading north from Plymouth at 08.00 on the M5 at junction 25. 

15/04 Steam loco 47298 was seen in north Bristol at 10.00, destined for the Avon Valley railway? Also a maroon liviered MkIII sleeper 10518 was seen heading west-bound at 08.24 on the M5 at Gordano. 

22/04 DMU car 51442 was noted west bound on the M4 Severn Bridge heading for Simms scrap yard in Cardiff. 

23/04 Strathclyde liviered 51509 was reported at the M4 Leigh Dalamere service station. 

30/04 A Virgin Pendolino Class 390 driving-coach was seen on the M5 heading north on the River Avon Bridge during the early evening. These vehicles are still being delivered via Royal Portbury dock by sea.


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