Locos seen on coal duty during September included 60031/040. 66067/184/214/218/235. 08630 has remained as the loco pilot. It has been confirmed that imported paper traffic is to run to the Chittening Industrial Estate for off-loading for Stora. The new trains commencing in October are 6V53 22.17 Felixstowe-Avonmouth enterprise (via Wembley) and return 6M33 10.35 Avonmouth-Wembley. The train is expected to run daily and the wagons split bodied cargo-wagons and/or container. Another new-flow for the area could be scrap metal from Hamworthy starting in December.


03/09 66530. 15/09 66530. 19/09 66530. 23/09 66530. 27/09 66530.

Bristol Parkway

02/09 No MGR services were noted this evening, and the only freight workings seen were 66048 with stone from Tytherington and 66151 heading the Canton Fuel Train.

03/09 56070 worked a 6G85 13.18 (TuO) Cardiff Tidal-Swindon Coclkebury Yard train of scrap empties, returning light-engine. 04/09 67002 powered a two van 5A24 07.45(WO) Barton Hill-Old Oak Common stock movement train. This was the locos first working following a return to service after being seriously damaged in the November 2000 Lawrence Hill crash involving a mail and an MGR coal train. The loco was again seen at 16.35 in the railnet terminal top n'tailing a RES van train with 67028.

05/09 Voyager set 221139 replaced the normal HST on the 15.25 Swansea-Newcastle Virgin XC service.

09/09 66032 worked the Tyne Yard boxes, 66167 the Tytherington Stone and 66134 Fawley empty fuel tanks. No MGR services from either or to Avonmouth and Portbury were noted.

11/09 The return 4Z51 Wentloog-Southampton containers passed at 11.16 behind an unidentified Class 66/5. 12/09 66534 passed at 07.50 with the 4Z50 Southampton-Wentloog containers, 66171 headed north with a single Nacco tank at 10.50 via the loop and 60040 passed at 12.55 with loaded coal MGR wagons from Avonmouth (believed for Foxton). Later a 6Z21Felixstowe-Margam container train was also seen headed by 66189, the 'red boxes' being brand new for carrying steel coils out of South Wales. This service was lucky to pass through the Severn Tunnel just before the 6B33 13.35 Theale-Robeston fuel tank empties with 60023, which failed completely in the tunnel. Rescue loco 60045 eventually moved the train onwards running some three hours late!. A number of other services were seriously delayed, including the 1M61 18.44 Swansea-Willesden mails headed by 67002. 66019 was noted heading a delayed. Some diversions took place via Gloucester, resulting in a 7-car unit passing through en-route to Temple Meads comprising 1 x 143, 1 x 150 and 3 x 153. Also delayed was the 17.30 Paddington, consisting of 180103/108 arriving at 19.30, normal working resumed shortly afterwards. VT southbound also delayed as Parkway station was occupied by stationary GW Trains.

13/09 37717 was seen shunting in the sidings whilst on the 6T34 08.00 Didcot-Westbury engineers trip working.

14/09 66200 powered the morning Westbury-Tytherington and return loaded stone trip. Pathfinders 'Soton Vinegar' excursion (06.24 Derby-Southampton) called on the return with 37174 + 37109 and coaches;- 5378, 5365, 5364, 5029, 4963, W1842, W17056, (3069), (3068), (3066), 3125 + W6310. Other locos used on this 'spin and win' trip during the day were 56129 (taking over from the two Class 37s) from Gloucester (via Kemble)-Acton, 73133 + 73136 Acton-Southampton and 60006 Southampton-Westbury (for the 37s back to Derby).

15/09 Seen tonight were 66242 working from Tytherington, 66530 with the Binliner running early due to expected overnight engineering works and ECS Voyager, 221126 northbound. Still no MGR traffic was noted.

16/09 47303 was rare power, in place of the normal 57 or 66/5, on the 4Z50 05.02 Southampton-Wentloog and return 4Z51 09.55 Wentloog-Southampton (reported running 74 minutes early).

17/09 60003 handled the Tytherington stone trip.

18/09 Only freight activity this evening was 66003 heading towards South Wales with a civils.

21/09 A Norwich and Norfolk Pathfinder outing from Cardiff-Norwich (booked originally for two Class 33s, these being replaced by a Class 56 at a later date) was cancelled due to low bookings. Pastime Rails 'Spinnin State IV' Paddington-Crewe (1Z30) did however run passing through mid-morning hauled by 67009. The 67 was replaced at Newport for the run to Hereford via the Marches, by 60076 for 37668 + 37706 to take over to Crewe. Other locos used on the return trip back to London were;- 92041, 56095 and 66015.

23/09 66502 was in charge of the 4Z50 and 4Z51 container workings. 66204 worked from Tytherington and 66074 working the Canton fuel train.

24/09 66504 worked the 4Z50 and 4Z51, 60018 the Newport-Wembley freight and 67002 the 1S81 16.05 Shieldmuir mails.

25/09 37717 was present during the day on engineers duty, 57001 worked the 4Z51 containers and 66055 headed the Newport-Wembley freight. 180112 + 180103 were recorded on the 16.55 Cardiff-Paddington First/GW service.

27/09 57012 worked the 4Z51 containers. 28/09 The Tytherington stone service was cancelled today.

30/09 66140 was noted with the Tytherington Stone. The Southampton-Wentloog containers have been retimed and recoded as 4V50 07.12 Southampton-Wentloog (Parkway 11.13) and 4051 14.10 return (Parkway 15.27-15.35).

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/09 Returning locos 50031/D431 + 50049/D449 + D1015 + 46035 + support coach 35469 from the St.Blazey staff open-day and running as 5Z46 09.45 St.Blazey-Crewe passed Flax Bourton near enough to time at 12.43.

02/09 47791 headed the 5C43 09.14 Barton Hill-Plymouth RES vans and preserved 37197 hauled ex. Dawlish Donkey steam locos 76079 + 45157 + support coach 35317 north as 5Z37 09.00 Exeter Riverside Yard-Castleton (East Lancs Railway) past Yatton at 10.40.

03/09 Long term out of service 67002 was present on Barton Hill Depot for 'special tests'.

04/09 47 91 was in charge of the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Bristol RMT mails and 47815 the 1A34 07.30 Plymouth-Paddington (via Westbury) and return 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth (via Bristol) in place of 57 601.

05/09 47739 worked in on a 1Z40 12.40 Manchester-Bath/Bristol Northern Belle VSOE excursion and 47734 was in charge of the 5C43 09.14 Barton Hill-Plymouth RES vans and return 1E43 15.09 Plymouth-Low Fell mails.

06/09 20310 + 20314 worked the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and 47811 powered the 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth service. 221130 worked 1E28 06:45 Bristol Temple Meads-Newcastle.

07/09 47760 headed a 1Z60 06.30 Northampton-Par 'Edenex' special formed of Pride of the Nation and green Mk I coaching stock whilst 47 839 hauled the 1V45 09.16 Manchester-Paignton and return 1M25 16.17 Paington-Manchester Virgin XC services complete with a West Coast MkIII set of coaches including DVT82116. Green liviered 'Deltic' D9009 worked in on high-mileage Deltic Preservation Society (DPS) Preston-Temple Meads (via the East Coast Mainline and London) special, departing at 14.35 returning to London via Parkway and Badminton.

08/09 The 11.35 Edinburgh-Penzance HST (with power cars 43193 + 43093) service was nearly two hours late due to a lightning strike in the Dunbar area. Stabled at St Philips Marsh this evening was 66601.

09/09 The first Class 150 unit in the new Cornish Rail, burgundy and picture livery 150244 was due to work west on the 09.30 Bristol TM-Exeter local service, but was failed on Canton with a door defect. 158867 worked the train instead.

10/09 47811 continued working the 1C53 in place of 57 601. Stone train seen at 19.40, heading south, behind 66167.

11/09 More late running saw the 08.15 Edinburgh-Newquay HST (with powercars 43063 + 43068) service fail near Alnmouth. Arrival at Newquay was well over two hours down. 47 815 ran from St.Phillips Marsh depot to Slough light-engine during the morning, to collect an HST set which had been taken out of service due to a fatality. Later an unidentified First/GW 47 headed west with a St.Phillips Marsh-Old Oak Common stock move hauling power car 43010.

12/09 37706 took three wagons from Newport-Bridgwater (Temple Meads 09.25) and Royal 47798 returned a Northern Belle special to London (12.18 Bath-Victoria). 66031 was the 6M72 16.55 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale freight loco.

13/09 47811 was again on the 1C53 First/GW service. At 17.35, 66167 headed northbound with a coal train, possibly ex -Portbury.

14/09 Green 47851 worked what was to be the second last 1V45 09.16 Manchester-Paignton and 1M25 16.17 Paignton-Manchester (with DVT82121), 66012 headed the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington china clay slurry tanks and 180112 was seen on the 18.30 departure to Paddington. An Eagle Railtours Derby-Penzance excusion featuring a pair of Class 31s throughout, was cancelled due to late changes by Railtrack over starting and pick-up times.

16/09 221105 did 1E28 and 220029 1S48 07:15 Bristol TM-Edinburgh. 47811 continued working the 1C53.

17/09 20303 + 20313 were in charge of the 7V52 01.19 Crewe-Bridgwater nuclear flasks. From 17/09-20/09, the 00.25 Wales & Borders service to Reading did not call at Swindon and Didcot due to engineering works. A road bus service was provided from Bristol connecting the two towns.

18/09 Steam 35005 Canadian Pacific worked in on the second last 'Cathederals Express' (1Z80 09.10 Victoria-Bristol and return 1Z81 15.52 Bristol-Victoria) of the year, with coaching stock; - S35359, S5200, S5222, S1840, S13440, S9104, S5237, S1659 Camelot, S5236. Later 66041 worked a loaded coal MGR via Day's curve (Twerton 14.21) for Westbury and 66530 was on the 4V60 Calvert-Bath/Bristol refuse containers (Twerton 16.16). 47815 headed the 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth service.

19/08 20303 + 20313 worked the 7V52 01.19 Crewe-Bridgwater flasks and were joined in the yard early in the afternoon by 47780 which departed at 12.43 with a five wagon 6C92 13.20 trip freight to Newport (Yatton 13.18). Fragonset 47703 took over working the 1C53 for today and on the next, the loco being on hire to First/GW (57601 was reported to be at Landore for an exam during the day).

20/09 47758 was in charge of the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails. Around 22.00 at Nailsea & Backwell, the 19.40 Plymouth-Gloucester local service was delayed whilst Transport Police were called to deal with two men who assaulted the Guard following a complaint of smoking in a non-smoking area. CS gas was apparently used prior to making the arrest and some other passengers were treated for gas inhalation. Noted on a low loader crossing St Philips Causeway from the Bath direction was 08896, seen 10 minutes later outside the road entrance to Barton Hill.

21/09 47851 was again on the 1V45 08.15 Manchester-Paignton and 1M25 16.17 Paignton-Manchester service which included DVT82148. This was to be the final Virgin XC booked loco-hauled service train, the following week an HST set appeared on this train. The Nothern Belle visited Bath during the afternoon from/to Manchester headed by 47787.

22/09 For the Countryside Alliance, Liberty & Livelihood rally in London (which attracted around 400,000 people) three special trains operated from the West Country. 67026 headed a 1Z31 08.15 Plymouth-Paddington (Yatton 10.20) formed of HBSC owned previously Virgin XC inter-city liviered MkIIs, now on hire to Riviera Trains (with blue/cream Sapphire + Onyx + Diamond in the formation). The return was 1Z32 18.35 Paddington-Plymouth. The other two trains were 66 042 on the 1Z27 09.20 Swindon-Paddington (and return 1Z28 19.36 Paddington-Swindon with 66015) and 47760 with the 1Z29 10.15 Swindon-Paddington (and return 1Z30 20.28 Paddington-Swindon with Riviera coaches, this train having stabled overnight at Cardiff Canton, ran as 5Z29 ECS to Swindon via the Severn Tunnel). Diverted First/GW loco-hauled services during the afternoon/evening were 47816 on the 1C42 12.15 Paddington-Penzance and 47703 with the 1A77 14.30 Penzance-Paddington.

23/09 150242 + Cornish Rail liveried 150244 worked the 17.00 Cardiff-Exeter local service, 47811 was on the First/GW 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth. 47832 + 57601 were reported to have run 0Z74 Landore-St.Phillips Marsh light-engines during the day. 66146 powered the 6M72 16.55 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale freight. A quick tour past St Philips Marsh saw 57601 present in the company of a GW liveried Cl47, and at Barton Hill 47765 on a low loader blocking the driveway. No Freightliner Class 66s found at either location.

24/09 47811 continued working the 1C53, and earlier in the afternoon 20 313+20 307 worked the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks via the Weston-Super-Mare loop stopping in platform one for a signal check!

25/09 Southbound stone train powered by 66133 passed by at 19.35. Steam engine 6024 King Edward I passed Worle Junction at 09.25 with support coach running from Bishop's Lydeard-Tyseley (later seen at Parkway at 10.11). Afternoon observations at Malago saw;- 66127 with the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight (15.52), having been held in Bedminster Station to allow the 1V50 08.40 Glasgow-Penzance Voyager set 221104 to overtake on the relief line, 66524 at the head of the 6Z17 15.50 Portbury-Mossend loaded car train (16.40), 47826 on an early running 5Z77 13.30 Oxley-Laira stock move (formed of Porterbrook barrier vans 6334, 6393, 6392 + 6394) at 16.43 and 67014 with a 5Z67 Barton Hill-Exeter Riverside (and return) test train formed of RES vans (16.54). This loco, (as with 67 002) had been out of service for a number of months at Cardiff Canton depot. 47811 was again on the 1C53.

26/09 47826 was present on Barton Hill depot during the day and 57601 was still at St.Phillips Marsh.

27/09 47811 worked the final 1C53, on the last week-day of the Summer Timetable this being the final daytime booked loco-hauled passenger train over the Bristol-Taunton mainline and via the Weston-super-Mare loop. 47 635 headed a morning Barton Hill-Cardiff RES van move.

28/09 The final Summer Saturday of the 2002 timetable, as already mentioned HST set (with power cars 43097 + 43166) worked the final 1V45 08.15 Manchester-Paignton and 1M25 16.17 Paignton-Manchester. Rumours the day before that 47851 complete with headboard was to work the trains were untrue and it is believed Virgin were concerned over passenger numbers (mainly with extra loco haulage bashers!) might cause safety problems, so an HST set was used. A blue liviered Arriva/NW Sprinter set 150223 ran west as 5Z23 11.56 Cardiff Canton-Exeter (Yatton 13.32). The unit is 'on loan' to Wessex Trains who have a stock shortage at present and by the end of the month there was talk of bringing ex. Manchester Class 101 heritage dmu sets back into Cornwall for some of the branchlines to release newer units for use elsewhere.

30/09 Virgin held a brief ceremony at Temple Meads in the morning to mark the first week-day of the new Winter Timetable and the new 78 unit strong Voyager take-over launch. Set 220028 working what was believed to be the 08.13 Plymouth-Newcastle service was the train involved. Class 47 workings in the area during the day were;- 47784 on Barton Hill depot (allocated 0O69 light-engine to Eastleigh?), 47635 on a 5C36 Cardiff-Barton Hill RES vans train and later working light to Plymouth to collect a 5Z70 Tavistock Yard-Derby stock move (formed of seven Virgin HST coaches and two barrier vans) and 47816 on the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper service and 47830 on the balancing up 1A99 sleeper train. The 5Z70 train with 47635 must have suffered a problem on the return as 67014 was acting as pilot loco on arrival at Bristol. As well as Virgin's more frequent cross-country service through Bristol for the new timetable, First/GW announced that trains from Bristol-Paddington, between 08.10 and 18.10 would now be leaving at 10 and 40 minutes past each hour, five minutes earlier than the Summer Timetable. Some early morning First/GW services also changed to leave a few minutes earlier. Meanwhile 47 811 worked the 1C53 and 47 725 was on the 1M65 19.15 Plymouth-London mails.

Devon & Cornwall

04/09 37670 was engaged on local china clay trips during the day, working similar duties over the next day.

09/09 37670 headed the 6C59 St.Blazey-Penzance and return 6C11 fuel tankers. At 12.45 the following were visible on St.Blazey depot;- 08 941. 37670. 66086/143. 67017/021. Preserved loco;- 47306. Freight Yard;- 08798. 66229. stock;- 80323/342. 94314. Internal User;- 061208 (GUV). Par Station;- Track Machine;- DR73911 Puma. Road/Railer;- Hydrex 807.

11/09 A 5Z27 09.50 Old Oak Common-St.Blazey Riviera Trains ECS, booked for haulage by 47757 was cancelled. 12/09 The 5Z27 ECS ran today, headed by 66132 and the return 1Z27 17.45 Par-Paddington, worked by the same loco, passed Saltash at 18.32 formed with coaches;- 17105, Topaz, 1699, 3240 Sapphire, 3188, 3223 Diamond, 3244 Emerald, 1683, 3228 Amethyst. 37670 was the Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' standby loco during the day.

14/09 Steam loco 4472 Flying Scotsman worked an excursion to Plymouth during the afternoon. 20/09 47734 was on the Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' duty (also being present on 23/09, 24/09, 25/09, 30/09).

24/09 47725 + 47780 were paired on the morning 6C06 11.30 St.Blazey Yard-Tavistock Yard CDA china clay trip.

28/09 67029 worked a Hertfordshire Railtours 'Edenex' excursion from Paddington-Par, 67007 returning the train during the late afternoon to London. This was the final day for First/GW Class 47 loco-hauled trains. The day's workings were as follows;- 47813 with the 1A17 05.43 Penzance-Paddington, 47832 top n'tailing with a dead 47811 on the 1A65 11.40 Penzance-Paddington (47816 took over from 47832 at Plymouth), 47 830 on the 1C17 09.31 Paddington-Penzance, 47703 with the 1C23 10.33 Paddington-Penzance and return 1A77 15.40 Paignton-Paddington , the final train complete with headboard and piloted by 47734 (the Newton Abbot 'thunderbird') between Paignton and Exeter. 30/09 37670 was back on local china clay trips in Cornwall.


13/09 56112 worked the 4M03 09.09 Swindon-Longbridge car parts 'cube' train. 18/09 First/GW trains operated a mini HST over the Golden Valley via Stroud, the two power car/two coach set worked the 13.05 Swindon-Cheltenham, 15.09 Cheltenham-Swindon and 17.05 Swindon-Gloucester in place of a Class 158 unit.

25/09 20310 + 20314 were paired on the 6V71 Berkeley nuclear flask trip.

Portbury Branchline

07/09 Hertfordshire Railtours 'Bristol & Avon Gorge' (1Z66 Finsbury Park-Bristol TM and return 1Z67 14.40 return to Victoria) excursion became the second public passenger train to visit the Royal Portbury Dock via the new connecting spur at Pill. The train arrived in Bristol behind 66133 where 66015 was attached at the other end for the run to Portbury, using BN96 'Southern Region' green charter stock;- S5007, S5037, S4925, S1832, S4986, S17023, S3119, S3114, S1696, S3124, S3123, S1679 + S3150. The tour visited both the General Cargo and Coal Terminals before returning to London.

11/09 Freightliner operated a 'trial' Class 66/5 hauled automotive train to Scotland, their first over the branch, following both a light-engine Class 66/5 clearance trial on a Saturday during May (?) and a Class 47 hauled wagon trial at the end of that month.

19/09 A cleaned up 66512, with a 'Bristol Herons on Tour' headboard worked what was billed as the first scheduled Freightliner car train over the branch (6Z17 15.50 Portbury-Mossend). The train running a day late, conveyed around 200 newly imported Vauxhall and Daewoo cars on IPA 'Wincar' two tier car carriers, departed the dock at 16.24 (Ashton 16.43). Vehicle movers Walon say 'around 20 car transporter journeys will be saved and up to three trains a week could run if the working is successful'. From Bristol, the train ran via Patchway (17.14), the Severn Tunnel and the Marches to Crewe and the north. 25/09 66 524 worked another Mossend bound loaded car train.

27/09 EWS still continue their car train workings (T or FO 'as required'), 66116 passed Gloucester at 12.48, with a long rake of car carriers for the dock. The train (6X52) departed eventually 120 minutes late at 19.33. By the end of the month, 24 coal departures were to be dealt with at the dock, mainly for the Midlands at Rugeley and Slough Estates (via Acton). The coal terminal still conveys imported coal to Avonmouth via the conveyor belt for loading, serving Didcot and Aberthaw Power Stations.

Wessex Area

11/09 47725 was unusual power for the 6V62 Fawley-Tavistock Junction Yard fuel tankers as far as Westbury. 13/09 Mainline blue duo 37248 + 37375 worked the 6V62 fuel tanks again as far as Westbury. They were to top n'tail an autoballaster train over part of the Barnstaple branchline late on 14/09/early 15/09.

17/09 The pair of Class 37s returned 'home' on the 6O37 18.11 Westbury-Eastleigh engineers. 24/09 37682 powered the 6B46 Marchwood-Eastleigh MOD trip and 37 042 worked the 7O26 Eastleigh-Didcot and return 7V27 14.51 Didcot-Eastleigh engineers. Also present at Didcot during the day were 37174/717/886. 27/09 37692 was present at Didcot carrying an trainload-freight grey livery with coal decals.


4s (PCV)

94317 94172 94228 94310

94334 94146 94160 94309

94332 94168 94119 94303

94331 94176 94214 94305

94336 94197 94204 94302

94337 94150 94103 94321

94308 94177 94222 94322

94320 94211 94148 94311

94338 94198 94147 94341


94403 94102 94112 94175 94543

94524 94225 94212 94153 94478

94486 94208 94182 94200 94422

94540 94132 94133 94113 94486


Cardiff Central

02/09 66129 collected 37403/417/425/898 from ASW and took 37417 to Canton and 37403/425/898 to Margam. 47287 hauled 4V30 18:43 Ipswich-Wentloog. 37419 worked 2F05 06:59 from Rhymney, 37418 2V07 07:21 Rhymney-Radyr and 37408 2F06 07:40 from Rhymney.

03/09 37408 worked 2F05 and 2R46 17:47 to Rhymney. 37418 operated 2V07. 37419 did 2F06 and 2R42 17:11 to Rhymney. 37421 did 2R38 16:51 to Rhymney. Former CT unit 158851 worked the 14:36 Holyhead-Radyr.

04/09 57008 worked 4Z51 Wentloog-Southampton Freightliner. 47287 hauled 4V08 18:32 Crewe-Wentloog and 4M68 23:32 rtn. 47289 did 4V30 and 4L56 02:30 return. 37419 worked 2F05 and 2R38, 37408 2V07 and 2R46, 37421 2F06 and 2R42. 180106 worked the 16:55 to Paddington and 156417 the 17:05 to Nottingham.

05/09 Due to an HST failure at Neville Hill, brand-new 221139 worked the 15:25 Swansea-Newcastle. An HST replaced it at Derby. 37408 worked 2F05 and 2R46, 37419 2V07 and 2R38, 37421 2F06 and 2R42.

06/09 37421 did 2F05, 37408 2V07 and 2R38, 37418 2F06. 66504 did 4V30.

07/09 37402 & 37408 worked the Saturday Rhymney diagrams. 56056 hauled 6V19 Doncaster-Margam with 67016 dead in train.

10/09 37402 hauled 2F05 and 2R46, 37412 2V07 and 2R38, 37418 2F06 and 2R42. 43179 was dead on the front of the 06:30 Swansea-Paddington, running 30 minutes late. 156412 did the 07:40 to Nottingham and 180103/107 arrived on the 13.30 from Paddington.

11/09 66537 hauled 4Z51. 37418 worked 2F05 and 2R46, 37402 2V07, 37412 2F06 and 2R42, 37408 2R38.

12/09 37412 did 2F05, 37418 2V07 and 37408 2F06. 13/09 66536 worked 4Z51 and 57011 4V30. 37408 did 2F05 and 2R46, 37419 2V07 and 2R38, 37418 2F06 and 2R42.

16/09 47303 worked 4Z50 05:03 Southampton-Wentloog and 4Z51 return. 37419 did 2R38, 37408 2R42 and 37402 2R46.

17/09 37419 hauled 2R38, 37402 2R42 and 37408 2R46. 180104/107 worked the 16:55 to Paddington.

18/09 37419 did 2R38, 37402 2R42 and 37408 2R46.

19/09 37408 operated 2R38, 37419 2R42 and 37402 2R46. 180112/113 worked the 16:55 to Paddington.

20/09 37419 hauled 2F05 and 2R38, 37402 2V07 and 2R46, 37408 2F06 and 2R42. 180112/113 were again on the 16:55 to Paddington  57010 worked 4V30.

23/09 37408 hauled 2F05, 37402 2V07 and 37419 2F06. 66502 did 4Z51.

24/09 37402 worked 2F05, 37418 2V07 and 37419 2F06. 66504 worked 4Z51.

25/09 37419 did 2F05 and 2R38 with 37402 on 2V07. Due to non-availability of a 37/4, 37675 worked 2R42! 37418 hauled 2F06 and 2R46.

26/09 37675 worked 2F05, 37402 2R42, 37418 2V07, 37419 2F06 and 2R46. 37669 did 6L46 Bridgend-Dagenham. 180104/112 operated the 16:55 to Paddington. 27/09 37402 did 2F05, 37418 2F06 and 2R42 with 37419 on 2V07 and 2R38. 57012 worked 4Z51. 180104/107 did the 16:55 to Paddington.

28/09 37402 and 37418 were on the Saturday Rhymneys.

30/09 221108 worked the 06:56 to Edinburgh and 221138 the 09:35 to Edinburgh.

Cardiff Canton

01/09 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37222/412/509/901/904. 47746/760/781. 56007/010. 60048/098. 66032/079/144/235.

08/09 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 09203. 37222/509/901/904. 66057/078/171/227/236/244. 67009/010/024.

15/09 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 09015. 37222/408/418/509,37901/904. 60004/045/052/054. 66235.

22/09 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37222/402/509/901/904. 47780. 60037/041/081. 66070/074/079/218/225/236. 67014/023/027.

29/09 08481/493/576/653/756/801/819/955/957. 37222/418/419/509/692 37717/901/904. 60005/010/037/056. 66070/088/212. 67010/011.


06/09 37421 worked 7M82 ADJ-Crewe Basford Hall with 47798 dit. Also noted were 47287. 60027/040/090. 66015/029/032/062/171/218 66223/235.

07/09 56081, 60051/077, 66029/032/048/051/062/073/099/139/171 10/09 47749 worked 1M61 18:44 Swansea-Willesden in lieu of a 67.

11/09 37174, 60088/089, 66071/074/078/090/132/171/236 were at Godfrey Road.

12/09 60023 on 6B33 13:35 Theale-Robeston oil tanks failed inside the Severn Tunnel, causing substantial delays and diversions via Gloucester, as passenger trains are not allowed in the tunnel when hazardous cargo is passing through. 60045 was sent from Godfrey Road to assist but, before it could reach STJ, 6B33 was pushed clear by 66151 on 6Z44 Westbury-Tower. 67002 worked 1M61; this was the loco involved in the crash at Lawrence Hill, when it ran into a coal train. The repair work was good as the loco appeared 'as new'.

20/09 37418 worked 7M82. Also noted were 60029/051/056/073/086. 66070/127/189/507.

21/09 67009 hauled a railtour from Paddington with stock 1658, 3100/07/10/48, 4956, 4991/98/99, 5002, 21246.

27/09 57008. 60004/073/096/099. 66055/070/085/212. 66194/218/223 were stabled on Godfrey Road at 14:00.

Stock Alterations



08847(MM)-NC, 08854(CF)-OC, 08871(NC)-MM, 37042/114(OC)-CD, 37259*(MM)-KM, 37717/886(CD)-OC, 47805/810/818/826/828/829/841, 47843/848/853(TO)-WN. Sandite Pool (WKSN) - 37516/517/676/677/684/689/692. * See Renumbering


37905. 47287/306. 56004. 58020/024/033/045/047. BS: 37294/677. BZ: 47306. CD: 37517/520. CF: 37413/417/692. CS: 08692. DW*: 20032/072/088/121. FB: 08912. LT: 20145/215. LNWR: 47287. MG: 37425/898. OC: 37516/710/712/890. 58020/024/033, 58045/047. TE: 37708. TO: 37676. ZG: 73211. * Doncaster West Yard.


09020-AN, 33110-HQ, 37175-OC, 37218-KM, 47303/358/370-FD, 47501-ZH, 89261(24061)-HQ.


73002/005/901/906. 86255.


Scrap: IMRFT: 86255.

Further Use  Dean Forest: 73002/005/901/906.


37380 - 37259, 90148 - 90048, 90149 - 90049, 91029 - 91129.

Diesel Multiple Units


142072/075(HT)-CF, 086/089(CF)-HT. 170503(DY)-TS.


SEHD - St Leonards DEMU 60008/018, 60501/529, 69337, 70262




Class 168: Cars: 58656-58660/661-663 - 58451-58455/461-463

New Stock

170397 (50397 + 79397), 170398 (50398 + 79398) -DY.

221136/140/141 -CZ. (Running as five car units 221102/104-106/108/110/114/116/117/ 120/122/124/125-137/139)

Electric Multiple Units




312785/789 @EM. (S): 8207. 8302/10 @SS WD: Cars: 62195. 70885. ZG: 508.122/131 Car: 76454.


375301/302 -RE, 334/335/336/337 -BI. (S): 3428 (76360 + 62223 + 70913 + 76453) -WD. 3520 (76359 + 62131 + 71025 + 76698) -WD. 3801 -RE.


303021/079/091. (S): 1106/09/15. 1576/85/88/91. 1616.


IMRFT: 303021/079/091. 1106/09/15. 1576/85/88/91. 1616. 977879. (Sale Cancelled)

New Stock

350001 -stored SS 450001 -stored SS

Coaching & NPCC Stock


1201/05/06/07/10/12/16/20/50/54/60. 5745/50/54/73/75/87. 5810/15/28/45/68/76/81/86/89/93/99. 5901/05/11/12/18/19/60/61/71/76, 5983/89/91/95. 6008/24/30/38/64/67. 6117/19/22/37/45/57/62/70/73/76, 6177/83. 9502/03/04/06/20/24/25/27/29/31. 94307/503/505/506/521/522, 94523/533/538.

DY: 1205/50/54. 5911/19/60/71. 6008/24/30. 6117/22/37/62/73/83. 9525/29/31. 92146/961.

HB: 40501.

KI: 1202/09. 5917/62/96. 6000/15/22/26/41/46. 9513.

MA: 1212/16/60. 5745/50/73/75/87. 5810/15/45/68/81/86. 5901/05/76/83/89/91/95. 6064/67. 6157/70. 9502/03/09/20/24.

ML: 94522.

MM: 10716.

OY: 1201/06/07/10/20. 5754. 5828/76/89/93/99. 5912/18/61. 6038. 6119/45/76/77. 9504/06.

WB: 94307/538.


94465/487 -BK, 99040 -HQ.


977970 - 3136, 5854 - 977974, 99314(25729) - 977982.

Freight Flow News

MOD Traffic

Traffic generally increased to/from Marchwood following recent developments in the Middle East during the month. 10/09 37797 worked a Didcot-Ashchurch train formed of 12 OCA wagons (Standish Junction 08.55). The return only consisted of three wagons leaving Aschurch at 14.45. 11/09 56111 was unusual motive power for the Eastleigh-Marchwood and return trip working, this presumably being a taste of future in the area following the recent demise of the Class 58s. 16/09 37714 worked empties into Ashchuch from Didcot. 20/09 With the failure of 37 714, 66080 worked the return loaded train (from 16/09).

Car Traffic

18/09 Engineering work on the Long Marston branchline saw the line ballasted overnight. A new freight-flow, assumed to be cars, is expected to commence soon at this location.

Coal Traffic

66055-66059 are to form a new Saltley allocated pool for local trip work and banking duties at Bromsgrove for the Lickey Incline, dealing with ex. Portbury coal trains using the new HTA bogie hoppers.


Local Station News

The Number two platform at Stapledon Road has been causing problems in recent weeks as engineering works has left stopping trains doors around two feet above the platform edge! Railtrack had lifted the track to enable a better line speed through the station for the new Virgin Voyager sets. A spokesman for Railtrack has stated 'it could be sometime before the situation is changed, as at least two stations in Devon, Exeter St.Davids and Starcross which deal with more customers are both in similar condition and will be dealt with first'. Keynsham station could see twice the number of trains calling in a bid to ease traffic congestion between the town and Bristol. First/GW are looking to expand their Oxford service which would link into a new proposed station at Corsham and mean Keynsham would see it's currently hourly service doubled. Negotiations will have to take place with Wessex Trains, who are the main station operator over stopping GW/Thames trains at the station, but if all goes to plan extra trains could be calling next year. A four month project is taking place at Temple Meads on improving aspects of security and restoring more of the stations historical features. Aswell as the recently opened automatic ticket barrier extra CCTV cameras and lighting are being installed. The entrance hall is to receive attention and roller shutters replaced by a new wrought iron gate at the Queen Anne's Gate entrance. The gate design had to be approved due to Temple Meads Station being a Grade II listed building. Meanwhile a road near Bristol Parkway station has been called Adelante Close after the new First/GW Class 180 units. The Close on part of the Mclean Homes development, is within walking distance of the station, Stoke Gifford Council having approached First/GW who suggested the name amongst others with railway themes.

New Travel Guide First/GW have updated their recently introduced booklet detailing bus links across the First Great Western network. Four regional fold-out guides replaced the single booklet, containing a map and a summary of timetable links at the main destinations. As well as buslinks from the stations, car hire, taxis, cycle facilities, ferry services and air links are also included. The editions cover Avon, Somerset and North Devon, the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and the Thames Valley and South Devon and Cornwall. The improved, more-user friendly guides also cover more general information about contact details, fares and connections.

Class 31

The Fragonset 31s and stock currently on hire to Wessex Trains once diagrammed on a morning/evening commuter run to/from Filton Abbey Wood (M-ThO) will now call at Temple Meads in both directions, instead of running via Dr.Day's curve as originally planned. A starting date for this service has still not been decided as with a Friday's Only Cardiff-Brighton and return run.

Class 47 news

A report for the remaining non EWS 'passenger' Class 47s covering 30/09 showed the following;- 47811 Old Oak Common (Status OK). 47812 Saltley (OK). 47813 Penzance (OK). 47815 Landore (Exam). 47832 Old Oak Common (Exam). 47826 Toton (?) 47839 Toton (Out of Service). 47840 Derby (OK). 47847 Derby (OK). 47851 Toton (?) 47853 Liverpool (OK). 47761 First NW (on hire). 47488 Midland Mainline (on hire). 47712 Midland Mainline (on hire). 57601 Landore (Exam).

Class 58

Additional information to the report in the last Magazine is as follows;- 01/09 The Hertfordshire Railtours 'Bone Idol' Farewell Tour also ran to/from Skegness during the day. 03/09 The final Class member workings by 58 047 were;- 7U40 08.44 Angerstein Wharf-Stewarts Lane and 0A72 11.00 Stewarts Lane-Old Oak Common light-engine. There is also a report that the ill-fated Pathfinder Class 58 Farewell 'Bone-Breaker' Tour which was terminated at Walton-on-Naze following a collision with the buffers, is to be re-run with Class 56s.

Class 180

By the end of September, the fleet status was as follows;- 180102-104/106-113 all in service. 180105 at Washwood Heath for attention and 180101 and 180114 still to be delivered.

Late News-From The June/July Traction & Rolling Stock Advertiser Magazine

The following coaches were listed for sale;- E34742, M34042, S34644 all at Solent Rigging at Redbridge, Southampton and detailed as on Mk I bogies and previously used as an office/workshop for 20 years. Two could be made into runners. GUV (NKV) 93226 partly restored and in use as a store/workshop on the Mid-Norfolk Railway at Dereham mounted on Mk I bogies and with additional spare doors.

Motorway Movement

10/09 Steam 41708 was seen heading north on the M32 on a road low-loader heading for Workington steel works from Bitton.

14/09 Midland Mainline HST power car 43048 was seen heading north on a road low-loader on the M5 at Tiverton at 09.00.

20/09 Steam 5553 was seen heading north on the M5 near the Clevedon Junction at 20.05.

24/09 On a journey via the M4 to London, RES diesel 47765 was seen heading east (this loco had been on Barton Hill Depot stored for sometime) along with a blue Class 08 also going towards London on another low-loader. An unidentified industrial shunter was also later seen on the M25.

Industrial & Preservation Matters

Crudwallins Sidings, Burngullow, St.Austell (R.W.Giles) 11/09/02

A loco, assumed to be S10029/60, was viewed in the shadows of the loading sidings.

Avon Valley Railway (R.W.Giles) 08/09/02

'1F' 41708, former Southampton Docks Class 07 D2994 (07010) and 0-8-0 D2 ARMY610 ( S 10143/63), were in use on passenger duty during the day with coaching stock ;-M25299 + M35255 + Ruth (3746) + Grace(9208). To mark the 40th Anniversary of the final run of the Pines Express via Bristol on Friday 8th September 1962, 41708 complete with headboard, worked the 14.45 Oldland Common-Boyd Bridge service straight through Bitton station non-stop. The train was running to the 1962 booked time from Oldland Common, this being the last journey on this date, routed from Manchester-Bournemouth this way before the run-down of the Somerset & Dorset by the Western Region and the train routed to the South Coast via Oxford and Reading. The AVR stated that 'the train although not worked by an LMS Jubilee or Black Five, the 1960s motive power, was at least headed by a Midland built loco 41708!' The first coach M25299 also carried an original 'Pines Express-Bournemouth-Manchester' roof height destination board on the day. On 14/09 NE 7151 (No.9) RSHN 7151/44 and D2 ARMY 610 were in use top n'tailing passenger trains during the day.

Bristol Harbour Railway (R.W.Giles) (14/09/02)

For the Bristol Open Buildings and City Docks Heritage Weekend, the Harbour Railway operated a passenger shuttle service along part of the former Wapping Wharf branchline from the Industrial Museum to the former swing bridge near Ashton. The trains were top n'tailed by Henbury (P1940/37) and No.34 Portbury (AE1764/17) using a number of freight wagons including the seated open-wagon and Toad brakevan. This was the first passenger train over this line for sometime, the station at 'B bond' warehouse now having a run-round loop installed (completed in May) although not needed during the day. On the harbour side beneath the preserved cranes, demonstrating wagon shunting with a capstan and cable took place during the day.

West Somerset Railway (14/09/02)

66132 worked a Finsbury Park-Minehead excursion throughout and return, organised by Hertfordshire Railtours.

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