01/07 66507 arrived at 21.20 with a 6Z76 Crewe-Avonmouth train of empty carflats having worked in via the Severn Tunnel.

02/07 66507 worked north with the carflats loaded with Ford vehicles during the late afternoon, reported as the 6E16 to Tyne Yard.

Locos recorded on coal duty during recent weeks include;- 66022/024/031/039/043/070/089/118/125/126/130/137/138/139/158/160/ 66182/186/214/225/227/228/240/66242.


01/07 66524. 02/07 66524. 05/07 66524. 12/07 66524. 16/07 66524. 18/07 66545. 19/07 66527. 21/07 66518. 26/07 66518. 31/07 66527.

Bristol Parkway

01/07 MGRs were noted running again as witness were 66070 empties for Avonmouth, 66040 Portbury bound and 66130 loaded train from Avonmouth. Also seen were the "Tyne Yard" boxes behind 66239 and the Margam - Fawley "Fuel Train" with 4 flats with boxes tagged onto the rear of the train headed by 66156. 180106 passed through ECS from Cardiff to London. 66225 worked the 7Z40 Grange-Ironbridge MGR service.

02/07 47781 worked the 1M61 18.44 Swansea-Willesden mails.

03/07 Observations at Pilning recorded; - 180 108 up on test at 18.09, 37 670 in place of the regular Class 66 on the 6B24 15.33 (WO) Didcot Power Station-Cardiff Tidal sidings empty fuel tanks and 66161 with the 6C18 (WFO) 14.00 Hereford-Westbury stone.

04/07 Two loaded and one empty MGRs recorded this evening, 66070 and 66039 from Avonmouth BHT and 66208 heading for Portbury. One additional freight working seen was the Tidal - Purfleet "Steel" with 66215. 20901 + 20903 (becoming the first Class 20/9s on this service) passed at 12.57 with the 6M53 14.21 Bridgwater-Crewe flasks and 66093 on the 6M17 Newport-Wembley freight.

05/07 67003 + 47781 arrived on the 1C06 13.53 Plymouth-Parkway RMT mails. The locos then went forward on the 17.10 mails to Willesden. 60022 worked the 6M17 freight and a problem with a unit failure at Yate saw the 1E33 12.10 Bristol-Newcastle running 75 minutes late. The 1V48 11.17 Manchester-Bristol running 100 minutes late was terminated at Gloucester and the return balancing 1S93 departed for Edinburgh from here 70 late. 220027 worked the 1V42 07.43 York-Swansea and return 1E39 15.24 Swansea-Newcastle in place of an HST set.

08/07 Mixed bag this evening, four freights seen this being 66240 MGR empties for Avonmouth, 66225 on the Tytherington "Stone", 66216 working the MoD Liner and a change of motive power for the "Fuel Train", 60083.

09/07 66013 was in charge of the Tytherington stone service and 60040 the Theale-Robeston fuel tankers. 10/07 57010 was incharge of the 4Z50 Southampton-Wentloog containers and 66002 passed at 14.21 on the 6V70. 60099 headed the 6M17 Newport-Wembley freight, consisting mainly of containers and silver 60006 hauled the Tytherington stone.

11/07 66225 headed the Westbury-Tytherington MBAs, 60047 the Theale-Robeston fuel tanks and 60 030 the 6M17.

12/07 31190 + 31602 top n'tailed a 5Z31 10.00 Derby RTC-Westbury (onwards to Yeovil Pen Mill) ECS formed of three dark blue 'Railtrack' branded MkII coaches (formerly part of the Gatwick Express fleet). The move was to have taken place the previous day, but there was a brake problem on one of the coaches. The coaches were on trial for the new Weymouth loco-hauled service. The 6V99 Hamworthy-Cardiff Tidal scrap service was stopped and new set 180111 was seen on Cardiff-Paddington and return services during the day.

13/07 Diverted Saturday steel services (due to engineering works on the Chepstow mainline) included, 60029 with the 6V35 01.05 Lackenby-Llanwern steel slab, 60011 on the 6V05 09.55 Round Oak-Margam slab (11.05) and 60070 and the 6V40 04.50 Lackenby-Llanwern slab. 56096 + 56114 were paired on a futher (unidentified) slab train during the early evening, reported to booked on a return 6E39 Llanwern-Healy Mills. There were some delays around 07.15 due to a train failure in the Severn Tunnel area. The Tytherington stone was reported to have run on the previous day (Friday), this working now being booked to run MTWO and TH 'Q'.

14/07 66158 + 66225 top n'tailed an engineers train during the late afternoon.

15/07 Fine class 66s recorded this evening, starting with 66008 working Tytherington "Stone", 66244 light engine to Avonmouth returning later with the Tyne Yard "Boxes", 66225 and 66070 with loaded MGRs from Avonmouth - Didcot and finally 66250 light engine from South Wales. 180111 worked the 09.55 Cardiff-Paddington service, 66504 headed the 4Z51 Wenloog-Southampton containers and 47736 + 47727 top n'tailed a Serco test train towards south Wales at 12.35. 60056 was over at Westerleigh with the 6B13 tanks, 60007 was on the 6V70 and 66222 in charge of the Tytherington stone. The 7Z40 Grange-Ironbridge MGR coal was routed via Chepstow with 66178 as the hauling power, instead of via Parkway.

16/07 57601 was seen running east at 13.30 light-engine, 180112 passed up ECS at 14.20 and 20314 + 20311 worked the Bridgwater-Crewe flasks passed at 15.56. Earlier, 66078 passed at 12.10 on a northbound ex. Portbury loaded coal service. 60 089 was today's 6V70 loco.

17/07 60037 headed the Port Clarence-Westerleigh fuel tankers.

18/07 Two loaded MGRs from Avonmouth - Didcot seen this evening powered by 66077 and 66125 respectively. Also seen was a 5 bogie steel train from South Wales headed eastbound behind 66228. 37402 worked a special 5Z92 Cardiff-Cardiff stock move (see Cardiff notes).

19/07 Evening observations recorded the following;- 60029 with the 6V99 Hamworthy-Cardiff Tidal sidings scrap service, 58024 on a Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 Newport-Glasgow excursion, 47780 + 67017 on Willesden bound mails at 22.17 and 47732 (arriving at 20.30) leaving on a London-Swansea mail service at 22.47. Earlier in the day 47781 + 47733 top n'tailed an up Serco test train at 10.43 and 08 685 arrived during the day with empty HTA coal wagons from Avonmouth. A note regarding the Pathfinder Class 58 tour was that the Crewe-Newport ECS was to be routed via Parkway at 17.35. However the train was run via Chepstow!

22/07 Three MGRs recorded this evening, to empty rakes to Avonmouth behind 66118 and 66240 respectively and 66242 with a loaded train bound for Didcot. Other freight services seen were the Tytherington "Stone" with 66176, the "Fuel Train" headed by 66054 and an eastbound "Steel" train from South Wales powered by 66051, possibly bound for Purfleet with 3 civils wagons behind the locomotive.

25/07 A quiet evening freight wise, just 66228 with a loaded MGR from Avonmouth to Didcot and 60089 St Blazey - Cliffe Vale. 37203 worked an early hours Ely-Swansea Burrows sidings train of coal empties.

29/07 Another "poor" evening for freight, with only three services recorded starting with 66138 loaded MGR Didcot bound from Avonmouth, 66191 Margam - Fawley empty tanks "Fuel Train" and 60089 St Blazey - Cliffe Vale "Clayliner". 180104 seen heading towards London ECS, way behind is normal time due to a wide variety of reasons which hampered FGW operations today, numerous track circuit failures, acts of trespass causing services to be "temporarily" suspended and a lineside "incident". The last GBRf Class 66/7 of the recently delivered batch, No.66711 was seen running light between Swindon and Didcot at 18.00. The loco had received bogie damage on arrival by ship at Newport docks and was sent to Cardiff for repair and was assumed to be heading for Willesden.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

29/06 47841 + 47854 top n'tailed the 1V41 08.05 Liverpool-Paignton service. The return 1M38 15.08 Paignton-Liverpool was double-headed with the same two locos.

01/07 57601 worked the 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth First/GW service. On the freight side 66206 + 47737 were paired on the 6V70 10.00 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight (the 47 being returned to the West Country for Thunderbird duty), 66071 on the 6M72 16.55 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight and 66024 on the overnight 6C24 Newport-St.Blazey freight.

02/07 57601 again worked the 1C53, whilst the 19.45 Paddington-Bristol First/GW service was formed of two Class 180 units (which had worked the 08.02 Cheltenham-Paddington service earlier in the day).A southbound coal service noted at 20.30 behind 66077.

03/07 60053 worked the Tytherington stone service.

04/07 66158 seen hauling a rake of "EWS" wagons southbound at 23.50 followed 25 minutes later by 66120 with a similar consist in the same direction.

05/07 66122 arrived at Bridgwater around 13.00 with two ferryvans and two acid tankers. The train later passed Parkway at 15.35 en-route to Newport via Gloucester. 66222 worked the 6V70 freight

06/07 A steam trip from Birmingham-Southampton via Bristol, using steam loco 5051 Eart Bathurst onwards from Swindon (via Reading) was cancelled due to the loco being out-of-gauge on the former SR at Bramley. 58050 was unusually rostered for a morning Westbury-Machen train of stone empties (Dr.Days curve 09.30). The loco and loaded train returned as 17.22 to Westbury. Police 47829 headed the 1V45 09.10 Liverpool-Plymouth, complete with DVT 82143 and 66246 worked the 6M68 Burngullow-Warrington slurry tanks. Voyager 'firsts' for former Saturday loco-hauled service trains today were 221128 on the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Paignton and 1M40 12.10 Paignton-Liverpool and 221123 with the 1V43 08.05 Liverpool-Paignton and 1M38 15.08 Paignton-Preston.

07/07 66214 seen at 14.30 with a southbound stone train.

08/07 47832 worked the First/GW 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth instead of 57601.

09/07 47830 was today's 1C53 loco. 66055 seen in the early hours (00.35) southbound consist not identified.

10/07 66194 headed the Westbury-Hereford empty stone gunnells and 66120 was later seen at Lawrence Hill with a Westbury-Newport three wagon engineers train. 67012 hauled the 5A24 07.45 Barton Hill-Old Oak Common vans and 08904 was on station pilot duties. At 09.15 the following were visible on Barton Hill depot 08630. 67001/003/022. Two workings noted within 60 minutes this afternoon were 66186 with "EWS" wagons at 14.30 followed at 15.30 by 66212 with empty MGR for Portbury.

11/07 47811 was on today's 1C53, performing the same duty the next day. 58050 passed by with a southbound departmental service.

12/07 66088 powered the Hereford-Westbury stone (Pilning 19.45) formed of 31 HGA gunnell wagons.

13/07 220024 + 220018 worked the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Paignton and 1M40 12.10 Paignton-Liverpool and 221126 was on the 1V43 08.05 Liverpool-Paignton and 1M38 15.08 Paignton-Preston. The final loco-hauled 1V36 06.08 Preston-Paignton was headed by XP64 47853 complete with a locomotive-farewell headboard. 59103 was used on the 04.40 Westbury-Machen stone empties and 17.40 return, routed out/back via Day's curve. The loco was reported to be on show during the day at an Open Day in Machen Quarry.

14/07 220028 worked the 1V66 13.30 Newcastle-Exeter service whilst the 1V84 10.03 Glasgow-Penzance was reported running 86 minutes late, the reason unknown.

16/07 Green 47851 failed in the station on the 1S93 15.35 to Edinburgh with a shifted tyre (?). 58045 powered the 08.45 Westbury-Newport ADJ CWR train via Day's curve. Seen 09.35, with a rake of Ferryvans was 60029 going south and at 10.15 northbound was the 2nd Class 58 sighting within 5 days, 58045 working a "Rail" train.

17/07 47841 + 47851 (dead in transit) were paired on the 1S48 07.15 Bristol-Glasgow service and 47726 was used on the 5S81 14.15 Temple Meads-Parkway RMT vans, with 67019 working the 1S81 16.05 mails to Glasgow.

18/07 57601 was back on the 1C53 16.15 Paddington-Plymouth, being routed via Parkway. 60089 was on the 6V70 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey freight and 47270 + 66524 passed up 'light' at 17.50.

19/07 57601 was again on the 1C53 and 31459 headed a 5Z31 Derby-Westbury three IC coach ECS running 90 minutes late and routed via the Severn Tunnel. These coaches were for use on the new Wessex Weymouth loco-hauled Summer Saturday service. There were more loco-hauled (weekday) 'finals' today; 47828 on the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and 1M56 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool. 47841 with the 1V45 09.13 Liverpool-Plymouth and 1M61 15,50 Plymouth-Manchester and 47805, complete with 'Newcastle-Bristol Cross-Country Farewell' headboard on the 1V67 18.40 Newcastle-Bristol

20/07 Royal 47798 hauled an 07.30 Shrewsbury-Okehampton Cheshire Railtours 'Dartmoor Prince' outing (Temple Meads 09.48) outward via the Severn Tunnel. Two more loco-hauled Saturday service trains were lost today, the 1V36 06.08 Preston-Paignton/1M31 13.03 Paignton-Manchester and 1V42 11.15 Manchester- Bristol/1S93 15.35 Bristol-Edinburgh going over to Voyager sets, but the 1V51 12.04 Newcastle-Plymouth was recorded as loco- hauled with 47812 and coaches instead of an HST set.

22/07 Five-Car Voyager sets took over the following M-F workings from this date; 1S48 07.15 Bristol-Glasgow, 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth, 1M40 11.50 Plymouth-Manchester, 1V39 06.40 York-Bristol, 1E33 12.10 Bristol-Newcastle, 1V67 18.40 Newcastle-Bristol, 1V45 09.13 Liverpool-Plymouth and 1E61 15.50 Plymouth-Leeds (Manchester FO) all losing loco haulage, although some 220 Voyager sets have been recorded on some of these in place of 221s. 57601 again worked the 1C53. Noted on Barton Hill at 21.45 were 66509/518/527 plus Voyagers 220001/031. Later at 23.25, the Moorswater Cement was seen worked by 66165. (The regular appearance of an extra Cl66/5 in the area is said to be for route learning, as Freightliner are taking over all cement services run for La Farge (Blue Circle), this equals the Moorswater service.)

23/07 Two southbound freights seen today, at 14.15 66019 noted with the "Enterprise" working and at 23.15 66043 empty MGRs for Portbury. 23/07 66048 departed Temple Meads at 09.30 with two ferry vans for Bridgwater whilst 66 172 took 50 HAA coal hoppers west as 06.20 Margam-Exeter Riverside yard for storage.

24/07 Steam loco 35005 worked in on a 'Cathederals Express' excursion from London. 66 047 headed the 6S55 Burngullow-Irvine china clay slurries (Yatton 13.58) and 221 115 worked the 1M40 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool.

25/07 Barton Hill at 22.15 found 66518/523/602 and 67025 present. 221128 headed the 1M40 whilst 220031 worked north (Yatton 13.24) on a driver training run.

26/07 Northbound at 05.55 was 66003 with a coal train. A 5Z76 East Lancs Railway-Barton Hill stock move formed preserved green-liveried 37197 plus steam locos 76079 45337 and five coaches arrived in East depot loop during the evening, having run via the Severn Tunnel. 221110 (60360 60760 60960 60860 60460) was on 1S48 07.15 Bristol-Edinburgh

27/07 221125 (60375 60775 60975 60875 60475) was on 08.47 Paignton.

28/07 37197 hauled a 5Z36 10.26 Barton Hill-Exeter stock move formed steam loco 45337 (tender first)+35???+2834+80041+5008. Earlier 76079 had departed with Pastime Rail's 'Pocket Rocket' (10.58 Bristol-Exeter) via Bath, Westbury, Castle Cary, Yeovil, Honiton to Exeter. The eight-coach train returned as 17.40 Exeter-Bristol via Taunton behind 37197, the train arriving in Bristol around 30 minutes early! The ECS was returned to Exeter behind 37197 for use on the forthcoming Dawlish Donkey excursions between Exeter and Paignton during August.

29/07 58021 was in charge of the 7B66 10.42 Westbury-Newport and 7C42 17.15 return departmental service.

30/07 The first Freightliner hauled Moorswater (Hope sidings-Hackney yard, Newton Abbot) cement train ran, a loco and crew change taking place at Temple Meads during the early hours. 66523 headed 16 wagons west to Moorswater from Hackney yard, as the first portion, arriving around 06.00. A derailment of a ferryvan at Moorswater saw the return train terminate at Plymouth Tavistock yard due to late running.

31/07 Observations during the day included; 58050 on a Westbury-Newport ballast (Pilning loop 13.00), 220031 on driver training and 66019 on an eight-wagon 6V70). 47830 later worked west on a St.Phillips Marsh-Laira complete HST set stock move. Later at Flax Bourton, 66523 passed at 19.48, having left Tavistock yard at 17.27, with the return Newton Abbot-Hope sidings cement empties, 43090 + 43091 on a Laira-St.Phillips Marsh power car move at 19.51 and coal-sector 60057 and a 4 wagon 6M72 (20.21).IC liviered 47826 replaced 47805 at Gloucester with the 1V48 11.17 Manchester-Bristol service returning the balancing 1S93 15.35 Edinburgh train north, 20303 + 20310 worked the Bridgwater-Crewe nuclear flasks and 66010 headed single-wagon 6V70. 58021 again was believed to have powered a Newport-Westbury engineers.

Devon & Cornwall

01/07 66092 was the Newton Abbot 'thunderbird' loco. 60053 handled the 7C27 05.20 Westbury-Exeter Riverside yard Hanson stone service (and return 7C28 12.17 return empties). 66194 + 58021 were paired on the 6034 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Eastleigh fuel tank train (only one wagon in the consist). The 58 had failed in Cornwall on a railtour at the end of June (see last month's Magazine).

02/07 60053 again worked the 7C27/7C28.

03/07 58050 handled the 7C27/7C28 (the return leaving at 11.05).

04/07 59101 headed the 7C27/7C28.

05/07 59005 worked the final 7C27/7C28 stone train of this short series of workings.

12/07 A Freightliner Class 47 was booked to run light to Moorswater on driver training duties. It was discovered however this loco Class cannot traverse the Liskeard-Moorswater branchline!, so Class 66/5s were used instead over the coming days.

24/07 A 66/5 worked light to Cornwall today on driver route learning. The new Freightliner cement flow (ex. EWS) runs as Hope Sidings-Newton Abbot Hackney yard (arr 03.00). Then the first portion leaves at 03.30 for Moorswater arr 05.40. The loco then returns at 06.30 to collect the second portion from Newton Abbot (arr 09.00). The return departure is around 09.15 arriving at Moorswater around 11.30. A 16.30 departure from Moorswater to Par station to run-round follows with an approximate 18.00 return time to Hope Sidings.

27/07 37308 returned the 16.45 Minehead-Paddington excursion which had arrived steam-hauled by 6024 King Edward I. The trip organised by Daylight Tours was routed via Melksham each way


08/07 37047 + 37798 were present at 12.00 top n'tailing an engineers train.


09/07 66122 passed at 09.55 on intermodel to Avonmouth. 180103 worked the 09.55 Cardiff-Paddington. 66503 headed the Wentloog-Southampton Freightliner

Portbury Branchline

08/06 The line was closed when emergency services were called to a location at South Liberty Lane to deal with leaking propane gas cylinders late in the day (21.00). The line also remained closed the next day.

13/06 A new freight-flow commenced, import steel slab for Llanwern Steel Works, this traffic having previously dealt with at Avonmouth. The two workings are Class 66 hauled and run overnight.

15/06 66244 passed through Temple Meads at 08.30 with the second, the 6G95 working (having left Portbury at 07.30).

20/06 66090 worked the 6G95 06.54 Portbury-Llanwern.

21/06 66086 arrived on the 6G94 empties departing at 05.45 with the loaded 6G95 service.

22/06 66152 arrived at 02.02 with the 6G94 and departed with the 6G95 at 05.01.

24/06 66106 arrived at 02.30 on the 6G94 departing before 04.00 on the return 6G95.

25/06 66106 arrived with the 6G94 at 02.30 again leaving early. 66065 was seen on a inward empty Portbury MGR.

26/06 66241 passed Parkway with an up loaded MGR ex. Portbury.

27/06 66182 passed Parkway at 16.48 with an inward 6V09 13.48 Washwood Heath-Portbury train of MGR empties.

28/06 66055 departed at 04.21 with the 6G95 steel service. A reason given regarding the very early departures of the return steel service is that the loading is quicker here then at Avonmouth due to better equipment and more space. This traffic is expected to last into 2003, but will not be consistent as once one ship-load has been despatched, a gap could follow waiting for the next one to arrive.

10/07 66186 worked in on the Acton MEAs. The return to Acton was seen waiting to leave at 16.25. The coal for use at Slough Power Station was previously loaded at Avonmouth.

31/07 66179 worked the Acton MEAs and return loaded.

Locos recorded on coal trains in during June/July have been; 60067. 66001/002/009/014/026/028/032/040/049/050/078/091/104/117/128/156/ 66157/174/179/185/186/200/208/212/221.

Wessex Area

01/07 37707 worked a Ludgershall MOD freight service.

05/07 58016 was unusual power for the 4V27 Longbridge-Swindon car cubes.

10/07 47810 + 47848 top n'tailed the days passenger trains over the Stroud Golden Valley line in place of a Class 158 set. Departures from Birmingham were at 07.48(1V79)/13.42(1V82)/19.50(1V93) with returns from Swindon at 10.05(1M04)/16.05(1M10)/22.10(1M24). 58033 hauled the 6Y26 08.22 Eastleigh-Quidhampton and return 6Y27 10.28 return. 58050 worked the 6V41 09.06 Eastleigh-Westbury freight.

11/07 58016 headed the 6V41 09.06 Eastleigh-Westbury..

13/07 58043 powered a Hayes-Westbury stone train.


94311 94148 94168 94320                 94341 94147 94198 94338 

94332 94226 94119 94303                 94310 94228 94160 94317 

94305 94214 94176 94331                 94335 94150 94103 94307 

94315 94177 94222 94322                 94334 94146 94108 94321   

94302 94197 94217 94336

94461 94106 94121 94224 94446     94441 94195 94104 94100 94546 

94532 94107 94180 94191 94543     94540 94132 94133 94113 94427 

94476 94153 94212 94225 94524     94468 94223 94406 94539 94532


Cardiff Central

01/07 37412 worked 2F05 06:59 from Rhymney, 37402 was on 2V07 07:21 Rhymney-Radyr and 37418 did 2F06 07:40 from Rhymney.

02/07 37412 did 2F05, 37418 2V07 and 37402 2F06.

03/07 37402 worked 2F05, 37412 2V07 and 37418 2F06.

04/07 37412 hauled 2F05, 37402 2V07 and 37418 2F06.

06/07 37402 and 37418 were working the Saturday Rhymney diagrams.

08/07 37418 hauled 2V07, then worked it ECS to Pengam sidings, before running round to work 1B96 10:35 Cardiff-Fishguard Harbour. The train comprised 99319, a Mk2d BFK and 5874, 5869, 5853, Mk2e TSOs, all air-con stock in maroon livery. An At Seat Catering trolley was on the service to/from Cardiff and did brisk business, particularly with 30 enthusiasts aboard in addition to passengers travelling to/from the Irish ferry. The train called at Bridgend and was due to run non-stop to Llanelli via the Swansea District Line. However, at Court Sart Junction (past Briton Ferry station), the road was set straight ahead to Neath, so the driver stopped the train and rang the signaller. The signal was reset to danger and, after the interlocking protection had timed out, the points changed and he was given a feather for the District Line! The loco ran round the stock at Fishguard Harbour, causing considerable interest amongst the port staff, not just due to the sight of a loco hauled train, but also because 50 people with cameras photographing the operation from every angle (20 enthusiasts had travelled to Fishguard by other means). One port employee thought the Royal Train had arrived! It returned as 1B97 13:35 Fishguard Harbour-Rhymney, with passengers being encouraged to alight at Bridgend to catch the following 15:23 VT Swansea-Newcastle and 15:30 FGW Swansea-Paddington. This was because the train was scheduled to stand at Ninian Park for around 20 minutes before going forward in the path of the 16:55 Cardiff-Rhymney service. However, the enthusiasts remained aboard, as did a few ordinary passengers who were content to change at Cardiff Central. Due to a points failure outside Cardiff Central, the train was held on the Up Relief outside Canton depot for 35 minutes before entering the station. The waiting commuters had a bemused look on their faces as their normally empty train drew in with about 50 people on board and proceeded to discharge a catering trolley! The train was wedged from Queen Street onwards, as it picked up passengers waiting for the following 17:11 to Rhymney. It wasn't until Ystrad Mynach that the last standing passenger disappeared. The train provided the rare sight of a Class 1 train up the Rhymney Valley, with around 10 enthusiasts making the through journey. 37412 did 2F05 and 2R46 17:47 Cardiff-Rhymney hauling 5487, 5569, 5491, 9448 and 37402 did 2F06 and 2R42 17:11 Cardiff-Rhymney with 5453/63/78, 9440. 66711 arrived at Canton by rail from Newport Docks for a bogie change.

09/07 37418 worked 2F05, then 1B96 and 1B97. 37402 did 2F06 and 37412 2V07.

10/07 37412 hauled 2F05, 37402 2V07 and 37418 was again on 2F06, 1B96, 1B97.

11/07 37402 did 2F05, 1B96, 1B97 hauling 9448, 5487, 5569, 5491. 37412 worked 2V07 and 37418 2F06.

12/07 37402 was again on 1B96 but 1B97 was terminated at Ninian Park due to a problem with the Central Door Locking. 37412 worked 2R42 and 37418 2R46.

13/07 37412 and 37418 worked the Saturday Rhymney diagrams.

15/07 66504 worked 4Z51 Wentloog-Southampton, 57004 did 4V30 Ipswich Yard-Wentloog and 57008 hauled 4V08 Crewe Basford Hall-Wentloog. 37402 did 1B96 and 1B97.

16/07 37402 hauled 2V07 but was then replaced by 37418 on 1B96 and 1B97. 37412 did 2F05 and 2R46 with 37419 on 2F06 and 2R42. 170516 worked the 07:40 to Lincoln.

17/07 37412 worked 2V07, 1B96 and 1B97. 37418 did 2F06 and 2R42 with 37419 on 2F05 and 2R46. 66541 hauled 4Z51.

18/07 37418 did 1B96 and 1B97. 37402 hauled 5Z52 Canton-Canton via Chepstow, Gloucester and Westerleigh Junction to test four air-con Mk2s intended as reserve stock for Valley Lines.

19/07 37419 did 2V07, 1B96 and 1B97. 37412 worked 2F05 and 2R42 with 37418 on 2F06 and 2R46. 66505 hauled 4Z51.

20/07 37412, 37418 and 37419 were in action on the Rhymney line!

22/07 To take people to the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells, 37419 worked 1Z39 06:10 Rhymney-Llandrindod Wells via the Swansea District Line and Hendy Loop hauling 9440, 5478, 5463, 5453. With the 'Fishguard' also running, this provided the rare sight of two passenger trains over the District Line. The Hendy Loop is rarely used and this was obvious from the heavily rusted railhead. Around 20 enthusiasts were aboard, some for the haulage and others for the track. A catering trolley was available between Pantyffynnon and Builth Road in each direction. The train was recessed in the engineer's siding at Llandrindod Wells during the day. It returned as 1Z40 17:45 Llandrindod Wells-Rhymney. 66541 worked 4Z51.

23/07 37418 hauled 1Z39 and 1Z40. 1Z39 was 30 minutes late departing Rhymney due to flat batteries on the allocated stock (the battery chargers in the sidings were said to be emitting sparks in the rain!). The stock for 2V07 was requisitioned, which was the air-con rake comprising 99319, 5874, 5913, 5853. This gave the unusual experience of First Class accommodation over the Heart of Wales line! 5913 was in maroon livery, but it was obvious it had only recently come out of Virgin service, as its seats had VT green upholstery on them. It also retained a mid-coach luggage stack and the magazine racks still had copies of VT's "On Line" magazine in them! 37412 worked 2F06 and 2R38 with 37419 on 2R42. The Fishguard was operated by a 150+153, probably due to the loss of a set of coaches mentioned above.

24/07 37419 worked 1Z39 and 1Z40, using the same stock as the previous day. 37412 hauled 2V07, 1B96 and 1B97 with 37418 doing 2F06 and 2R42. 37612 worked 5Z37 13:52 Crewe CS-Canton ECS.

25/07 Cardiff Central had the unusual sight of four Class 37 hauled trains on a day when there wasn't a big event at the Millennium Stadium. The first working was 37612 on 1Z37 05:45 Cardiff-Manchester, operated due to anticipated large numbers of people going to Manchester for the Commonwealth Games. It returned as 1Z38 19:17 Manchester -Cardiff. The next was 37412 on 1Z39, this time using non air-con stock. It returned on 1Z40. This was the final run, as the Show finished that day. Then 37418 passed through on 2V07, returning on the ECS to Pengam before doing 1B96 and 1B97. Finally, 37419 appeared on 2F06.

26/07 37612 did 1Z37 but then failed, so 37038 worked 1Z38! 37419 worked 2V07, 1B96 and 1B97. 37412 hauled 2F06 and 2R42 with 37402 on 2F46. 66503 did 4Z51.

27/07 37038 worked 1Z37 and 37612 returned on 1Z38. 37402 and 37412 started on the Saturday Rhymneys, but 402 failed and 412 suffered collision damage at Canton, with a buffer being knocked off a coach and the 37 getting bent buffers and a dented nose. The driver didn't change cabs for the reversing movement and failed to notice that the points weren't changed for the run-round. As a result, he ran into the stock he had just come off.

29/07 180104 worked the 15:30 from Paddington and 158792 the 14:44 from Nottingham. 37612 hauled 1Z37 and 1Z38, 37402 1B96 and 1B97, 37408 2F05 and 2R42, 37419 2R46.

30/07 37612 was again on 1Z37 and 1Z38 with 37419 on 2V07, 1B96, 1B97. 37402 did 2F06 and 2R42 whilst 37408 hauled 2F05 and 2R46.

31/07 37402 did 1B96 and 1B97, but the radiator fan clutch failed sometime after leaving Cardiff and the loco shut down after overheating in Caerphilly tunnel and rolled into the station. Steam poured out along for the next hour. 37408 on 2R42 crossed over to the down line at Caerphilly and, after waiting for a pilotman, travelled wrong line to Ystrad Mynach and before crossing back to the "Up" and continuing to Rhymney. 37419 arrived and pushed 1B97 to Ystrad Mynach, where the train was terminated and the loco ran round, returning as the 1925 Ystrad Mynach-Cardiff with 402 dead on the rear. 1Z37 and 1Z38 continued with 37612.

Cardiff Canton

07/07 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37222/402/412/901/904. 56095. 60012/022/033/047/070/075/083. 66049/212/215. 67023.

14/07 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37222/402/418/901/904. 60012/018/050. 66711. 67004/025.

21/07 08481/493/576/756/801/819/955/957. 37222/412/418/688/901/904. 47732. 60073/081. 66021/032/053/711.

28/07 08481/493/576/653*/756/801/819/854*/913*/955/957. * ex ASW. 37109/412/419/509/901/904. 66030/711.

Cardiff Tidal

07/07 08854/951.

14/07 08466/653/854/913/951.

21/07 08653/913.

29/07 08466. Sole loco present, ASW ceased production 26/07/02.


02/07 37688 worked 6M75 ADJ-Warrington.

05/07 09102. 57010. 60002/036/047/059/083. 66004/089/090/127/146/193. 67023.

06/07 37038 and 37197 were at either end of a Monmouthshire Railway Society railtour to Tondu, visiting Newport Docks South Quay, Tidal Sidings, Pengam Sidings, Llynfi Goods Loop, Margam Moors Yard Loop and Ebbw Vale.

10/07 60018/019/093, 66037 were at Godfrey Road at 21:30.

12/07 56114. 57008. 60019/030/056/093. 66017/019/041/187/212. 67025.

13/07 An Open Day was held at Hanson's Machen Quarry, with 59103 on display with a few Hanson wagons and D2199 giving brake vans rides as far as the shunt limit for the quarry's private locos. There was no sign of the industrial locos that had been stored OOU at the Quarry, but a Locotec van was noted and it was assumed they had retrieved them for repair. Machen is the now the only quarry supplying limestone ballast to Railtrack, as limestone from other locations was deemed to be not hard enough. All other quarries produce granite ballast. Reserves will currently last 8-10 years although, if planning permission for an extension is granted, quarrying could continue for a further 10 years beyond that.

19/07 58024 departed on 1Z27 19:45 Newport-Ayr Pathfinders railtour, apparently taking the train as far as Crewe. The stock consisted of 3066/68, 3122/12/40, 398, 21272, 1863, 4927, 5040, 4963/02, 5029. Also noted were 47734/813. 57002*. 60006/047/081/099. 66012/189/191/195. 67004.

20/07 SR Bulleid steam loco 35005 was at Platform 1 mid afternoon being coaled and watered after running a train called The Gloucester Meteor from the Mid-Hants Railway. Stock was S35329, S5200, S1840, S5216, S9392, S5249, S5236, 1659, S5237.

26/07 60005/011/026/070. 66030/051/124/150/154. 67005.

27/07 The Machen branch saw two trains in one day, with 66229 working 6G80 from Westbury and 66602 taking out another load of ballast.

29/07 66711 LE through Newport at 1540

Industrial & Preservation Matters 

47 817 is reported to be going for use by Riviera Trains, once off lease.

Freight Flow News

Steel Traffic The news of ASW going into receivership (10/07/02) is expected to affect some freight traffic, although no other details are known at present. Ebbw Vale has finished steel production and rail traffic has now ended, but scrap metal trains are to run as 6G78 MWFO, 10.20 Ex. Cardiff Tidal empties and return 13.20 ex. Ebbw Vale. It is a one-way move each day, if empties go in, the loco will return light and loaded trains out vice-versa.

Stone Traffic Tytherington Quarry is expected to receive loaded stone again. A thirty week contract will see up to five trains a a week arriving around 06.00. The trains could arrive in the form of an 'auto-ballaster' for discharge. A flow for Eastleigh and Chichester is expected to commence soon from Meldon Quarry, and run for up to three weeks. This could however continue as a longer contract.

Coal Traffic The morning 6M02 Portbury-Rugeley coal train continues to be banked up the Lickey Incline. Between 09.00-10.00 on this date, this service headed by 66193 was banked by 60052 up the gradient, along with a Corby bound steel service, headed by 60070 earlier.


Motorway Movement 01/07 GWR 6412 was seen heading north on a low-loader at junction 23 on the M5 at 17.30.

03/07 Steam loco 30075 was seen on a low-loader leaving Yeovil Junction at 10.45 for Cranmore(?)

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