05/01 60031 powered the 6V13 13.40 Furzebrook-Hallen Marsh LPG tanks in place of the normal Class 66.

15/01 37042 headed the morning 6C90 09.45 Newport-Avonmouth trip freight.

16/01 VKA vans were noted in the Chittening Industrial estate siding during the late afternoon. It was learnt this was the first of a 10 week fertiliser flow from Middlesborough, this being the first rail traffic at this location for several months.

30/01 56072 handled the morning Newport trip, bringing in at 11.15, 10 'tank' containers, 10 MGR HAA hoppers and two loaded roofing concargo flats destined for Bridgwater. The loco dropped the tanks at Hallen Marsh where 08653 was on hand to take the wagons into the dock and the MGR wagons in the bulk handling terminal. The 56 and the two roofing flats departed for Bridgwater at 11.42 as 6C91. Later the 6E28 18.28 Avonmouth Henry Bath-Middlesborough fertiliser empties were worked by 60055.

Locos noted working coal traffic during January were;- 60007/018/036/068/089. 66009/041/054/078/094/122/146/167/170/171/205/218/229/246.


This month's sightings; 02/01 66516 04/01 66529 07/01 66529 15/01 66520 18/01 66529 19/01 66529 29/01 66529 . Bristol Parkway

02/01 66218 + 66009 were paired on an empty coal train for Avonmouth around 09.30.

03/01 A landslide on the Chepstow mainline saw a number of diversions during the day. Four MGR services seen this evening, two rakes of empties behind 60007 and 66218 and two loaded trains worked by 60052 and 66041 respectively.

05/01 Loadhaul liveried 56 100 called with Pathfinders 'Grid Iron Grinder' (1Z27 07.00 Swindon-Ironbridge) railtour during the morning.

07/01 MGR workings as for 3/1, empties in behind 60007 and 66175, loaded trains with 66009 and 66041 plus a light engine from

12/01 60029 worked an afternoon 'additional' Westbury-Tytherington train of stone empties formed of 4 wheel pga wagons.

14/01 Two MGRs noted this evening 60018 with empties for Avonmouth and 66206 also with empties headed towards Bristol, theory being en-route to Portbury. Other sightings were 60033 with the Tytherington stone train and 66249 working the MoD liner. There were also two surprises, at 20.19 the "Binliner" headed towards Swindon behind 66529, reason unknown and the "Fuel Train" Class 37 hauled, entrusted to 37419.

17/01 47828 + barrier van + power car 43092 made a strange sight heading north during the early afternoon Just a single loaded MGR seen this evening, hauled by 66171.

21/01 Four freights recorded this evening starting with 66132 working Tytherington "Stone", 66013 the Tyne Yard "Boxes", 66218 with empty MGR Portbury bound and 66143 Margam - Fawley empty fuel tanks (Fuel Train).

23/01 60015 worked 6G90 05.17 Newport ADJ-Tytherington grit-stone and return 6G41 11.52 Tytherington-Crewe Basford Hall empties. The load, which originated from Penmaenmawr quarry on the North Wales coast, was mechanically grab off-loaded at the quarry, the train being formed of 27 MEA wagons. The working is expected to become regular, running this week WThO (but could be MTWSO). This is not the first time stone has been brought into the quarry for off-loading. In recent years stone-scalp has arrived for 'blending' in Class 59-hauled trains from the Mendips.

23/01 Bridgwater - Sellafield "Flasks" seen this afternoon behind 20307/314. A brief visit this evening saw just 66132 work through with Yeoman bogie hoppers, the other main action saw a 20 minute firework display from the neighbouring Sun Life site.

24/01 Three Cl66s seen this evening 66041 heading for Avonmouth with empty MGR, 66015 with 4 wheel stone hoppers followed shortly by 66031 light engine both headed towards South Wales.

27/01 Recorded this evening were 66241, MGR empties for Avonmouth, 66091 stone train ex-Tytherington, 66019 St Blazey - Bescot "Clayliner", 66246 loaded MGR from Avonmouth, 66012 working Tyne Yard "Boxes" and finally 66223 with loaded MGR ex-Portbury.

30/01 47774 arrived at the railnet depot with the 1M06 14.25 mails ex.Swansea and 60 089 powered the 6M17 16.38 Newport-Wembley freight.

31/01 EWS liveried 08685 arrived by road from Ferrybridge during the early evening at Stoke Gifford sidings. This loco is to take up pilot duties in the Avonmouth area (replacing 08 653) and is fitted with buck-eye couplings to shunt the new hta EWS bogie coal hoppers. Also seen in the sidings during the day was 58 042 which carried out shunting prior to departing for Didcot with an engineers train. Services to and from Avonmouth comprised 66078 with a loaded MGR and 66205 with empties, surprise package was 58049 working in with MEAs. Also seen with MGR empties was 66220 which headed towards Bristol, Portbury bound. Avonmouth which was 66247. Other freight services recorded were 66246 with an eastbound stone train from South Wales, the Mondays Only "Fuel Train" headed by 66203 and an early running St Blazey- Bescot "Clayliner" with 60095.

Bristol Temple Meads and Barton Hill

01/01 Large-logo 47847 worked the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and 1M40 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool.

02/01 67026/021/004/008/017 hauled 95715/763/727, 80428 as 5A24 Barton Hill-Old Oak Common. A 5A24 Barton Hill depot-Old Oak Common RES van train (formed of 95715 + 95763 + 95727 + 80428) was powered by no less than five Class 67s!!! Locos 67026 + 67021 + 67004 + 67008 + 67017 and train departed around 11.00, just under three hours late and is believed to be a positioning move following the New Year period. Later in the day 58 025 worked a 7Z41 Westbury-Newport engineers special via Day's curve (Pilning 12.41) and also 66 171 was seen descending Filton bank (15.18) with a loaded coal train assumed for Westbury cement works. 66 013 was also seen passing Barton Hill depot light believed to have taken wagons to Bridgwater earlier in the day. A Bristol-Paddington HST was stopped and evacuated at Bath during the day following a fire in one of the power car's exhaust system. The fire brigade were called to deal with the problem.

03/01 The 1V39 07.11 Leeds-Bristol was reported to be initially running 135 minutes late, but the return 1E33 12.10 Bristol-Newcastle was shown as on time!! The train was eventually cancelled, but 47712 had worked ecs west from Birmingham NS to form the 1E33. Large logo 47847 was again in the area, this time working the 1V45 09.13 Liverpool-Plymouth and return 1E61 15.50 Plymouth-Leeds. A late running 1V51 12.03 Newcastle-Plymouth HST was eventually terminated at Taunton following a technical fault with the set.

04/01 47847 was again recorded, this time on the 1V39 07.11 Leeds-Bristol, 1E33 12.10 return to Newcastle and 1V67 18.40 Newcastle-Bristol. 47709 worked the 1V50 08.40 Glasgow-Penzance and the 1E61 15.50 Plymouth-Leeds service was started at Temple Meads-reason unknown. Earlier in the day 57 601 was in action on it's regulat turn, the 1A28 06.30 Plymouth-Paddington and return 1C50 15.42 Paddington-Exeter. The loco was also recorded on these trains on the following dates 07/01, 09/01, 10/01 (1A28 only), 11/01, 28/01, 29/01, 30/01, 31/01.

05/01 Two of the four celebrity Class 47s were recorded during the day 47847 on the 1S48 07.15 Bristol-Edinburgh and 47853 (XP64) with the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and return 1M40 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool. The 1V52 11.20 Glasgow-Penzance was formed of 47839 and stock running 120 minutes late instead of an HST set. 06/01 60010 + 66189 noted running south as light engines at 16.15. Green liveried 47851 headed a five coach 1V42 07.46 Manchester-Plymouth later returning with the 1M31 15.52 Plymouth-Manchester paired up with 47805. 47839 returned north with the 1S35 11.02 Penzance-Edinburgh (instead of a HST set) and 57601 worked the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance sleeper. 66529 was seen stabled on the old Bath Road depot stub during the evening. Sunday engineers extras included, 60032+66247 top n'tailing the 6W64 09.46 Westbury-Cogload junction (noted on the down through at 10.00) and 37109 with the return 7Z99 19.09 (Sat) Westbury-Totnes rail train, running as 7Z99 08.45 Plymouth Tavistock yard-Westbury (via Bristol, recorded Yatton 11.15). The train arrived at Westbury at 12.30, 55 minutes early, taking 3 hours and 10 minutes to complete the run from Plymouth!

07/01 47701 handled the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and return 1M56 11.50 Plymouth-Liverpool whilst 47851 headed the 1E28 06.45 Bristol-Newcastle and return 1V55 13.08 Newcastle-Bristol formed of hauled coaching stock instead of an HST set. Another Class 47 recorded was 47 767 which tripped the fuel tankers over to St.Phillips Marsh HST depot during the afternoon. Voyager set 220 033 worked a 5Z21 Barton Hill-Plymouth (arr 11.27) driver training trip during the morning.

08/01 Northbound stone train seen at 12.20 behind 66069.

09/01 66158 worked a late running 6V91 Hope sidings-Moorswater cement service.

10/01 47830 worked the 1C99 Paddington-Penzance down sleeper and 47832 the 1C50 15.42 Paddington-Exeter service. 'XP64 liveried 47853 headed the 1V48 11.17 Manchester-Bristol and return 1S93 15.35 to Edinburgh whilst much earlier in the day 58 024 returned an 00.30 (6W28) Paignton-Westbury engineers (via Bristol) arriving at Westbury at 06.26 (being recorded near Highbridge & Burnham at 04.15!)

11/01 37418 + 58024 were paired on the 7B66 Westbury-Newport engineers.

12/01 47798 passed down Filton Bank at midday on 1Z57 08:00 Manchester-Bath Northern Belle. The train was a mixed assortment of stock, all in maroon livery.

14/01 47847 headed the 1M56 11.50 Plymouth-Manchester service.

15/01 Binliner arrived at Lawrence Hill at 23.30 powered by 66520 some 7hrs behind schedule. (See also Parkway notes for 14/1)

15/01 47853 today headed the 1M56, two celebrity 47s on this train in two days!!

16/01 47853 was again back in the area this time with the 1V35 06.05 Derby-Plymouth and the return 1M40 08.46 Penzance-Manchester.

18/01 66506 noted at Barton Hill at 10.30. (Also 25/1, Barton Hill being used on a temporary basis by Freightliner whilst works to accommodate Cl180s is being undertaken).

19/01 Todays 1V35 and return 1M40 were booked to run via Westbury, Castle Cary, Yeovil Pen Mill/junction curve to Honiton and Exeter, whilst engineering work took place on the trains normal route (aswell as between Castle Cary and Taunton). 21/01 66021 worked 1M40 11:50 Plymouth-Liverpool from Taunton to Bristol after 47843 failed.

22/01 Afternoon "Enterprise" working seen at 16.20 heading south behind GW Green liveried 60081.Southbound stone train seen at 17.05 powered by 58024.

24/01 66506 and the Westbury-Machen ballast empties were seen in East depot goods loop at 08.23.

26/01 47811/822 worked 1M85 07:20 Plymouth-Preston in place of an HST, with a locomotive at either end of the train. However, 822 failed at Gloucester and 811 had to run around to the other end and work the train forward, 33 minutes late. First GW 47 811+47 822 were paired on the 1M85 09.27 Bristol-Preston Virgin XC service and return 1V57 Preston-Bristol, inplace of the booked HST set.

27/01 Heavy rain saw flooding at Flax Bourton with at least one First GW service cancelled. An afternoon Manchester-Bristol service arrived 70 minutes late top n'tailed by 47709 and a failed 47 818

28/01 Celebrity 47853 headed the 1M56 08.40 Penzance-Manchester 47798 was recorded with the Royal train, via Filton bank (11.40)and Chippenham (12.13) and 47 709 headed the 1E33 12.10 Bristol-Newcastle service. As well as the Royal train, other services were diverted via Day's curve due to the closure of Chipping Sodbury tunnel due to flooding (this followed single line working), included 66 170+66 229 with an up loaded coal train (with hta wagons, from Avonmouth-Didcot). Test-unit DB99600+DB99601 running as 2Z08, worked from Derby-Exeter during the afternoon, running via Cheltenham, Swindon, Bristol Parkway, Bath (15.03-15.17, reverse) and Temple Meads west. 66506 was visible on Barton Hill depot.

29/01 The 1V49 06:40 Dundee-Penzance (which had started from Newcastle) was terminated at Bristol Parkway after both power cars failed. 43080 shut down during the journey and then a compressor became defective on 43013. Passengers off 1V49 were put on 1V50 08.40 Glasgow Central-Penzance. 66506 was used to drag the set ECS to Laira and a replacement HST came off Laira to restart 1V49 from Plymouth at the booked time of 16:55. At 09.00 the following were visible at Barton Hill depot;- 47784. 67006/007/020/024/026. 66209 passed at 09.29 with a Portbury bound empty MGR service and 67020 powered the Temple Meads-Warrington vans. The 1V49 06.40 Dundee-Penzance HST was in trouble at Birmingham NS following a power car compressor problem. 66506 was sent to Parkway to assist, but the train was terminated here, running substantially late, however the loco hauled the set onwards to Plymouth , where the loco was detached (and with an EWS driver!) departed light for Bristol at 20.41. Other workings of interest today were;- 47709 on the 1E33 12.10 Bristol-Newcastle and 47 784 on an afternoon Barton Hill-Plymouth two van stock move. Earlier in the day 66240+56105 were paired on a 6Z41 Newport-Burngullow train of slurry tanks (Highbridge loop 09.35). The train had arrived in South Wales late following bad weather in the north. The Class 56 was detached at Exeter working back with a 6B99 11.03 freight to Newport. Corus liveried 60 033 powered a 6Z79 11.18 Neasden-Briton Ferry freight formed of 28 HGAs during the day.

30/01 IC liveried 47 826 hauled the 1V50 08.40 Glasgow-Penzance and 47818 headed the 1V46 (running as 5V46 and empty, Cheltenham 13.45) York-Swansea Virgin XC HST set which had failed at Derby. It was not known if the train had run direct to South Wales via Gloucester or was routed via at least Parkway (the train normally runs in and out via Temple Meads).

31/01 Celebrity 47 853, headed today's 1V50 and green liveried 47 851 hauled the 1V45 09.13 Liverpool-Plymouth and return 1E61 15.50 Plymouth-Leeds. 56 072 worked the Newport-Bridgwater trip, consisting of two roofing material flats which had originated from mainline Europe and test-unit DB99600+DB99601 traversed the Weston-Super-Mare loop (12.55-13.10) returning north from West Country track recording duties.

Devon & Cornwall

02/01 47792 was the Newton Abbot 'Thunderbird' rescue loco. 04/01 47792 was again at Newton Abbot, stabled in Hackney yard. 07/01 47793 + 67005 + 67011 + 67013 ran as 0C06 12.07 St.Blazey-Plymouth light-engines.

08/01 47792 was again at Newton Abbot, being noted again the following day.

27/01 At 16.45 the following were visible on St.Blazey depot 47726/734/774/792. 66235/240. 67010/011/023/029. 28/01 47734 was at Newton Abbot on 'Thunderbird' duty. 29/01 47746 was the Newton Abbot rescue loco located in Hackney yard. 47734 was seen derailed in the regular Heathfield branch bay platform stabling point.

30/01 47792 was again on Thunderbird duty at Newton Abbot. The Meldon-Westbury trains (6G98/6G99) continue and are set to run until 11/03. Trains recorded during the month were worked by the following, 02/01 37372/521, 04/01 37109/521, 11/01 37372/521, 30/01 37419/669. Another flow (7C27/7C28) bringing in 50,000 tons of Mendip stone to Exeter Riverside yard has commenced, noted on the following dates with hauling power as follows, 29/01 60067, 30/01 59001, 31/01 58047. The Meldon stone continued onwards to Eastleigh from Westbury (as 6Z86/6Z14) on at least 04/01 and 11/01. At Plymouth Devonport dock yard HST power car 43185 was undergoing overhaul at the beginning of the month, (Power cars 43022 and 43165 also now carry the new First Group livery). News from Paignton is the branchline from Newton Abbot is to be closed for long week-day periods whilst track replacement/relaying takes place during February. The only traffic, china clay, over the Newton Abbot-Heathfield branchline again finished at the end of January.

Local Freight Watch

6V70 08.57 Cliffe Vale-St.Blazey 

02/01 66215 03/01 66052 04/01 60095 09/01 60076 11/01 66222 16/01 66228 + 60081 28/01 60098 30/01 66019 31/01 66176 

6M72 16.55 St.Blazey-Cliffe Vale 

03/01 66006 + 47783 04/01 66159 07/01 60095 08/01 60076 10/01 60076 11/01 60098 29/01 66019 Note; 03/01 The 47 was only conveyed as far as Bescot 

6M68 Burngullow-Warrington (Sat) slurry tanks 

05/01 66164 

6S55 Burngullow-Irvine (WO) slurry tanks 

12/01 66222 19/01 66118

Portishead Branch

02/02 66053 covered todays 0G71/0G73 Newport Godfrey Road-Portbury driver route learning trips. 04/01 56087 was the driver training loco, the second Class member to visit the line.

07/01 66179 worked the final route learner arriving at Portbury after the first train of inward coal empties headed by a clean 66 250 (6G14 07.25 East Usk-Portbury) had been 'locked in' at the dock .The first revenue earning train, the 6G15 12.44 Portbury-Fifoots power station, with 66 250 carrying a large EWS 'The Avon Gorge Rail Freight Revival' Railtrack headboard departed at 12.43 (with 66 179 on 0G73 leaving at 11.42) hauling 36 loaded HAA hoppers. The second working the 6G23 13.10 East Usk-Portbury and 6G24 17.15 Portbury-East Usk was headed by 66 115 being noted at Ashton just before 15.00. This was to be the train paths for the first week of operation. An interesting additional event for the first train was that of a local artist painting the train on canvas ( with permission) depicting 66250 stopped beneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge! 11/01 Problems at Temple Meads saw an MGR wagon derail one axle (but re-rail itself) whisl travelling over the north-end of the up through line. Loco 66181, with train 6G15 12.44 Portbury-Fifoots (running 50 minutes early) was stopped on Filton bank and then directed into Stoke Gifford sidings where the defective wagon was removed, the train then continuing after 17.00. Platforms 1 and 3 were closed at Temple Meads into the afternoon whilst checks were carried out. Visible damage was a wrecked wooden walkway foot-crossing. The second train of the day headed by 66 187 was held at Portbury after arrival until the following week, being viewed from the M5 motorway stabled in the general cargo side of the dock complex.

15/01 66187 eventually departed with the Friday train, during the day.

16/01 During the morning coal-sector liveried 60 091 was present in the terminal departing light at 12.10. Later 66 206 arrived with the first inward train of the week (6G23 13.10 East Usk-Portbury) around 14.30. 28/01 66010 worked the morning Fifoots coal service and 66 054 the second train during the day. 30/01 66033 headed the afternoon Fifoots coal departure. 31/01 Some of the workings over the branch during the day included 66208 05.29 Portbury-Fifoots (loaded coal MGR) (6F30) 66049 Washwood Heath-Portbury (empty MGR) (6V22) 66033 07.13 Aberthaw-Portbury (empty MGR) (6G48) 66201 East Usk-Portbury(empty MGR) (6F22) Later test-unit DB99600+DB99601 worked 2Z08 (14.54 Temple Meads-Portbury and 15.25 return) over the branch (recorded Ashton at 15.15 and 15.55). This is believed to be the first appearance of a 'new generation' dmu-set type over the branchline, heritage dmus (notably GWR 150 choc/cream set B435) last worked over the line with trips during 1985. Railtour news for the line later in the year is that top n'tail Class 37s (2x37/7 and 2x37/4s) are now to be used on Pathfinders trip, put back from December 29th 2001 to June 8th this year. By the end of January the following timetable was in operation for the line; 6V26 06.50 Washwood Heath-Portbury 6G48 (Q) 08.45 East Usk-Portbury 6M02 10.45 Portbury-Washwood Heath yard 6F22 11.54 East Usk-Portbury 6G24 (Q) 13.20 Portbury-Fifoots power station 6F32 16.45 Portbury-Fifoots power station 6V27 16.17 Washwood Heath-Portbury 6M09 20.11 Portbury-Washwood Heath yard 6V28 19.51 Washwood Heath-Portbury 6M12 23.09 Portbury-Washwood Heath yard 6V29 21.59 Washwood Heath-Portbury 6M14 02.17 Portbury-WashwoodHeath yard Coal traffic is the only booked trains over the line but car movements could be up and running by the end of February. The former freightliner sidings at West depot are still expected to be reinstated as a base for car carrying wagon maintenance. Another freight-flow which is under consideration is import steel slab traffic from Japan for use at Llanwern steel works. Steel billet was brought in by sea to Avonmouth dock during 1999/2000 using West wharf/Bennetts siding (around 20 train loads) but this was only short-term due to costs of transferring the load from a bigger to a smaller ship at Portbury for the sea movement across to Avonmouth. Now with the new Portbury rail link this steel flow could now run direct to Llanwern by rail.

Wessex Area

03/01 37685 worked the 07.32 Eastleigh-Marchwood and 6B46 09.02 return MOD trip, this being the locos final duty before returning to store.

09/01 4 Vep unit 423810 was at Fratton for special work including seat removal prior to movement to Germany for special tests. 11/01 60031 headed the 6Y26/6Y27 Eastleigh-Quidhampton and return trip during the morning. 29/01 Corus liviered 60 033 powered the 6W59 13.41 Eastleigh-Wool sand empties.


Cardiff Central

02/01 37408 worked 2R38 16:51 to Rhymney and 37419 2R42 17:11 to Rhymney.

03/01 37408 worked 2F06 07:44 from Rhymney and 37419 2V07 07:21 Rhymney-Radyr.

07/01 56083 was on 6E20 Trostre-Doncaster. 37419 did 2R38 and 37408 2R42.

08/01 66535 worked 4S81 Wentloog-Basford Hall.

09/01 66503 hauled 4V06 Basford Hall-Wentloog. 37408 did 2R38 and 37402 2R42.

10/01 56083 worked 6E20 Trostre-Lackenby empty steel. 37408 operated 2R38 and 37402 2R42.

11/01 The Rhymneys were a repeat of the previous day.

14/01 37402 worked 2V07 and 2R42 with 37408 on 2F06 and 2R38. 37419 did 6O33 Canton/Margam-Eastleigh.

15/01 66533 worked 4S81. 37402 did 2V07 and 37408 2F06. 56098 was on 6E20.

16/01 The Rhymneys were a repeat of the previous day.

18/01 158857 worked the 07:45 to Lincoln.

19/01 150016 in Centro livery worked 12:05 Barry Island-Bargoed.

22/01 37521 worked 6B24 Didcot-Wentloog and 4A25 return. 37408 operated 2R38 and 37418 2R42.

23/01 37408 did 2V07/2R38 with 37418 on 2F06/2R42. 56120 worked 6E20.

24/01 37408 operated 2V07 and 2R42, 37418 2F06 and 2R38.

25/01 66530 worked 4V06 and 66537 4V30 Ipswich Yard-Wentloog.

28/01 66537 hauled 4V30 Ipswich Yard-Wentloog. 37412/408 double-headed 2F06 and 37412 did 2R38 with 37418 on 2R42. 56060 worked 6E20.

29/01 66017 worked 6E21 Baglan Bay-Humber, the last time this will be operated by EWS, as Freightliner have won the contract. 66505 was at Wentloog.

30/01 56088 worked 6E20.

31/01 37402 was on 2R38 and 37418 2R42.

Cardiff Canton

06/01 08493/756/819/856/955. 37222/408/419/509/901/904. 47365/761. 56029. 60016/068/098. 66025/027/053/091/092/123/188/203/241/250. 67027.

13/01 08493/651/756/819/856/955. 37222/402/408/901/904. 47365/749. 56029. 60052/089. 66022/046. 67023/026.

20/01 08493/756/801/819/856/955. 09016/105. 37222/308/408/418/901, 37904. 47365. 56027/029. 60027/031/034/042/060/099/100. 66206/226. 67022.

27/01 08493/756/819/856/955. 09016/105. 37222/308/408/418/901/904. 56027/029/098. 60015/052/100. 66007/033/187/204/226/236. 67003/004/005/028.

Cardiff Tidal

13/01 08481/752/770/896/951. 27/01 08481/651/770/951.

08752 noted on a low loader at 22.20 on 25/1/02 heading east on the A48.


During January there were quite a few class 56's on 6B48 Margam - Trostre.

15/01 56098 22/01 60052 23/01 56120 24/01 66167 28/01 56060 29/01 66139 31/01 56088 01/02 56078


04/01 Locos noted 09105. 37402. 56087. 60073/079/090/092. 66027/056/074091/092/171/189/241/248/250. 67027.

11/01 37412 did 6Z75 10:40 ADJ-Warrington. 56060, 60016/049/089, 66129/218 were at Godfrey Road at 15:15. An hour later, 60036 plus 66091/201/250 had joined them. Also noted 09203. 37418. 60038/043/060. 66022/051/092/127/211. 67023.

14/01 37418 did 7M12 ADJ-Bescot. 56119 did 6E47 Newport Docks-Lynemouth.

15/01 66529 visited Machen. 56094 operated 6M75 ADJ-Warrington.

17/01 56006 worked 6V40 06:02 Lackenby-Llanwern from Derby 139 mins late after 60092 failed. 37418, 60080, 66015/204 were at Godfrey Road. 37042 passed through at 20:04 on 6M75 ADJ-Warrington.

18/01 66241 was the only loco at Godfrey Road at 22:30. Also noted 60034/038/039/083. 66204. 67016.

24/01 37412 worked 6M81 05:05 Llanwern-Round Oak and 6V07 14:00 return. 58024 did 6B73 09:15 Westbury-ADJ and 6C40 12:35 return.

25/01 09203. 37412. 60017/023/032/068. 66013/158/236.

26/01 66506 worked 6B90 Westbury-Machen Quarry.



Transfers 08593(IM)-ML, 08665(AN)-IM, 08695(OC)/927(IM)-NL, 08954(IM)-AN, 37051(OC)-(ML)-OC, 37057/065/216(OC)-CD, 37248(ML)/372/375(CD)-OC, 37379(OC)-ML, 37418(ML)-CF, 37503(CD)-ML, 37667(CD)-TO, 37668(TO), 37669(ML)/670(TO)/674(TO)-(CD)/675(TO)-CD, 37688(CD)-ML, 37694(ML)-(TO)-ML, 37698(CD)-TO, 37886(CD)-(OC)-CD, 55009/019(CP)-BH, 55022(DF)-HE, 56006(OC)-IM.

Hire: 47484/802 - Virgin Trains, Pool HFSN.


08389/578 -IM, 08685 -CF, 08810 -NC, 31203 -MM, 37055/377 -CD, 37380 -MM, 37509*/517*/675*/685*/6898 -TO, 37896 -TO, 43029 -(PM)-LA, 56077/083 -TE, 86424 -CE. * to traffic, plus transfers as above, then as shown below.

Store 08410/709/720/735/882/888/907. 09005. 37065/116/377/509/517/682/684, 37685/689/698. 47302/303/309. 56089. 73108. BH: 37087/141/142/331. 47628/707. BN: 89001. CB: 47145/213. CD: 37351/890. CE: 86417. 92006/015/019/028. CGrestyL: 47157/234, 47301/330/367/371/377. DR: 58046. EH: 37116/377/517/682/684/685/689/698. 58009/026. FB: 08630/709/735/882. 09020. IM: 56031/052/089. KM: 37229. LH: 47225/481/714/845. MM: 31210. SP: 56036. ST: 47205/296/334. TE: 37211/672/680. TO: 37422. 56004. 58036. 73108. TS: 37264. ZB: 08888/905. 09005. ZH: 86252.

Withdrawn 08780. 37221/264. 47717. Disposals Booth: 31434/545. TJ Thomson: 31185/553. 37092/184/221. 56013. H Needle: 31282/286/428/516. 37331. 47221.

Sold for Further Use? Cotswold Rail: 08780. 47714. Keith & Dufftown: 31327. DRS: 37240/262. Somerset & Dorset: 20059/177. ELR(P): 31119/144/556. 1st Eng, Glasgow: 37242/255. Brailsford Eng: 47194/501. Type3 Traction G: 37904. 56097. Fragonset(P): 31460/512/533. Fragonset(G): 31285/407/411/417/554. 33046. 47053/201/219/226/ 47236/293/313/314/355/360/363/368/375/525/526/ 47628/704/715/803/972. P = Private Purchases, G = General Purchases

Renumbered 91005 - 91105, 91008 - 91108, 91020 - 91120, 91123 - 91132. 37703 -LO25, 37714 - LO26, 37799 - LO27, 37883 - LO28, 37801 - LO29.

New Stock 66532/533/534/535/536/537 -FD.

Diesel Multiple Units

Transfers 153320/321/323(TS)-CF. 158797(HA)-TS. 170399(HA)-NC, 503(TS)-DY.

Withdrawn Cl101: 53204 + 54056. (To NRM)

New Stock 175115 (50765 + 56765 + 79765), 116 (50766 + 56766 + 79766) -CH. 180104/105/106/109 -OO. 220028 -CZ. 221110 -CZ.

Electric Multiple Units

Transfers 317301(EM)-HE. 322483/484/485(HE)-GW.

Stored 303013/034/047/070/080/088. 305508. 310059/083. 312725/727/729/794/795/796.

EM: 310.113. GW: 303.013/023/024/070/088. KI: 310.049/059/083. KK: 508.108. SS: 312.725/727/729/794/795/796. 375.609/628. Yoker: 303.080.

Traffic 303054/085 -GW.

Withdrawn 303 - 61832. 75572/590/625/775. 308138/143/144/145/153/157/158. 508118.

All the above to Immingham Railfreight Terminal for disposal.

New Stock 333 - 74477/478/479/480 -NL. 357218/219/220/221 -EM.

Coaching & NPCC Stock

Transfers 1860. 4940/58 -CS, 4960 -TM, 40715/734/744. 41005/006/141/142/145/146. 42054/069/070/071/118/291/293/299/300/301/351/362 44023/038/040 -LA, 99128/304/326/329 -CS.


3293. 5863/69/74. 92159/908. 99053.

CP: 3293. CS: 1981. Cathays: 5863/69/74. 92159/908. SP: 92309/822/834. TO: 3110. 4915/46/96. 5008. 21245.

Traffic 1691. 1842. 3228/44/68. 5276. 5322 -CP, 9392 -RL.

Withdrawn Dept: 975546/716/726/736/746/910.

Disposals H Needle: 975546/716/726/736/746/910 @Kingsbury. Booth: 94534/919. (Ex BR CCT)


08/01 357220 was delivered to East Ham by 47736.

15/01 66040 delivered 357221 to East Ham.

22/01 357222 was delivered to East Ham by 66057.

29/01 47749 delivered 357223 to East Ham.

Freight flow News 

Mail Traffic The 1S81 16.05 Bristol Parkway-Shieldmuir and return 1V04 16.35 Shieldmuir-Parkway services are reported to be lost to road transport from the beginning of February. The 16.05 timeslot is expected to still be used to move mail north

Car Traffic Due to an industrial dispute at Morris Cowley, the sidings at Long Marston are likely to see use as a car loading terminal during February. Contracts are to be signed for car movements from Royal Portbury dock soon. The first flow is expected to run to Bathgate.

Stone Traffic Locally the new Tytherington stone flow is;- 6G90 05.17 Newport Alexandra Dock Junction-Tytherington quarry (07.00) and 6G41 11.52 return to Crewe Basford Hall yard. The train was to initially run WFO w/e 26/01 then MTWSO from the beginning of February bringing in grit-stone from North Wales for off-loading.

Freightliner The company are due to take over the 6E21 (TFO) 08.20 Baglan Bay-Humber and 6V20 23.22 Humber-Baglan Bay pressure bogie-tanks. The last EWS train is expected to run on Friday 01/03. The Freightliner workings will run via Abbotswood junction and the Lickey incline. The company are also looking at working an oil-flow out of Robeston, West Wales although no further details are at present known.

Lickey Incline The 6M02 10.45 Portbury-Washwood Heath MGR coal service has reportedly been banked whilst travelling this way during the month. A pair of 37s were known to have been used on at least one occasion!

North Wales The Blaenau Ffestiniog branchline could see freight again with the movement of slate and nuclear flask traffic from Trawsfynydd by rail.



A 10 million scheme to build a road overbridge at Silk Mills level crossing, (just over one mile west of Taunton station) is under consideration. The location is notorious for long traffic queues between trains, and a local delivery company say their employees spend at least 10 hours a year waiting at the level crossing for trains to pass!

EWS are expected to provide the motive power for Midland Mainline and Wales & Borders over the coming months. Midland Mainline 1B19 09.32 Nottingham-St.Pancras and 1F48 17.30 St.Pancras-Sheffield are expected to become a loco and coaches in February and a new loco-hauled service for Wales & Borders to Fishguard Harbour is to operates from 08/07-30/08 (M-FO). Some details of the latter are, using a Class 37 and stock, Cardiff depart 10.10, Llanelli 11.20, Whitland to Fishguard returning Brigdend 16.10 and Cardiff 16.50. The loco and stock then work a service to Rhymney. Both outward and return services are routed via the Swansea district line. The Cardiff departure time would allow a connection with the 08.00 Paddington-Swansea First Great Western service (note; all timings are approximate).

Class 47 EWS are expected to be giving 47769 a 'super repair' life extension overhaul at Toton depot. Whilst Virgin are to repaint more Class 47s, these being listed as 47 810 into the Porterbrook purple/white colours, 47 822 a Railtrack/Police anti-trespass livery (?)! and 47 840 back into BR overall blue with full yellow ends and GW style North Star nameplates reinstated. Also on the subject of repaints 86 233 is to be returned to a rail blue E3172. Preservation & Industrial Matters Class 52 D1015 Western Champion (89416) completed a manline test-run on 28/01 as 1Z15 10.10 Kidderminster-Birmingham via Bescot, Derby, Sheffield and Walsall. With eight Riviera choc/cream coaches and loco 37 197 (which had brought the stock in as 5Z52 05.46 Crewe-Kidderminster 21 minutes early), the loco did suffer an engine failure near Ripley en route and was 25 minutes down at Tamworth. Departure from Sheffield was at 14.18, and despite the engine problem, the first diesel-hydraulic gained its manline running certificate after the trip. The Western returned as 0F70 11.17 Saltley-Old Oak Common the next day (passing Solihull at 11.05). Westbury Cement Works (19/01) TH278v was shunting wagons in the works sidings during the late morning. The RR 0-6-0 was not visible.

Avon Valley Railway, Bitton South Gloucestershire Council have now granted the Avon Railway Heritage Trust unresticted operation of its passenger trains on 110 days per year. Prior to this special operating restrictions were inplace only allowing passengers to be conveyed on certain running days and school parties on others. This will enable the railway to plan its operations to meet public demand and hopefully bring in additional income to the railway. Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust, Midsomer Norton The preservation group are seeking permission from Bath & North-East Somerset council planning department to continue laying track at the Silver Street station with a view to running trains. Volunteers have already restored the buildings at the former Somerset & Dorset station which closed more than 35 years ago. Open days are regularly held on site, but any train movements would have to be phased in over three years with a view to passenger operations during 2005.

Departmental & Track Machines

30/01 31602 hauled 7Z29 04.45 Stewarts Lane-Basford Hall yard, Crewe formed ADB968501 (snowplough)+ADB975464+ADB975486. The train continued north (presumably bound for Scotland) passing Carnforth at 09.45.

Pyle Hill 21/01/2002 Readypower FR 612 Case Poclain 988 CGG0231372-2001

Hydrex Portishead 21/01/2002 2156 Case Poclain 888 CGG0005936 2299 Case Poclain 688 CGG0003846-1992 3656 Case Poclain 988 CGG0232078-2001 Philmor Trailors 2055/057

Pyle Hill 28/01/2002 BCL 002 Komatsu PW170 K30272-1999 005 Komatsu PW170 K30150-1998 009 Komatsu PW130 K30705-1998

Hughes 392 Komatsu PW130 K30148-1995 450 Komatsu PW130 K30195-1995 755 Thwaites 5 Ton Dumper 7-95828-1999 Quattro Plant Case Poclain 988 CGG0232001-2001 Philmor Trailors 2008/039/141

Westerleigh Oil Terminal 08/02/02 Readypower Case 988P FR604 CGG012936-1999

Pyle Hill 09/02/02 Hughes 755 Thwaites 5 Ton Dumper 7-95828-1999 BCL 007 Komatsu PW170 K 30295-1999 BCL TR01 Rexquote Trailer 1233-1999

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